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How to Apply

Please be aware that Russian government and HSE scholarships and tuition fee waivers are not applicable.  


Important Dates for an International Applicant

Important Dates for a Russian Citizen


Important Dates for an International Applicant in 2024

November 1 – September 16
Online application period

In case of the committee’s positive decision, you are able to submit the documents for enrolment in your personal account as soon as you get the answer.

Deadline for signing agreements and enrollment forms

Classes starting date



Step 1 —  Submit an Application Form

  • We encourage you to apply as soon as you feel that your application portfolio is ready.
  • In order to access the application form, you must first register to create a profile here.
  • Your login and password will then be sent to the e-mail address that you have provided.
  • You will find the instructions how to work with the form here.
  • Be ready to submit the required attachments.
  • You need to select the "Financial Analyst" program in your application form.

  • When you have fully completed the application form, click “Submit application” at the bottom of the form.
  • Please note that this action is final and cannot be reversed, so make sure that you have correctly filled in all the information required.

Useful contacts:

Step 2 —  Application Evaluation

  • Your application will be evaluated by the admission committee of our programme. The evaluation criteria can be found here.
  • The review of your application should take up to 2 weeks. If any additional information or documents must be submitted, the application process may take longer, and, as such, the final decision will be made after the submission of all necessary documents.
  • Please be aware that you may be contacted by a programme manager about setting up an interview. 
  • Based on the results of your application evaluation, the committee’s decision will be posted in your personal account, as follows:

♦ recommend for admission to a fee-paying place;

♦ denied. In this case you are welcome to apply next year.

  • If you select 2 different programmes and your application is rejected by the first programme, it will be nevertheless automatically considered for the second one.

Step 3 —  Enrolment

  • In case of the committee’s positive decision please confirm the offer selecting the "Financial Analyst" program in a special section of your personal account - "Offer of Admission". 
  • After the confirmation of the offer from your side, the HSE team contacts you and provides all details on how to be enrolled.
  • Please within the deadline upload the documents for enrolment in a special section of your personal account - "Offer of Admission". 
  • Before coming to HSE you can review our standard agreement for fee-paying students.
  • Apply for a Russian visa. Normally visa references should be available in early August in your personal account. If any problems, please contact HSE International Admissions.
  • You are highly recommended to study before arrival recommendations and to visit HSE International Student Support website.


Important Dates for a Russian Citizen in 2024

June 19 – September 16
Online applications: first call

September 16
Deadline for submission of all necessary documents

Deadline for signing an agreement

Classes starting date


For more information please visit the "Траектория поступления" page.