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Student profiles

ICEF has a lively and dynamic student body, whose members hail from all over Russia and the entire world.

The College provides an international and warm atmosphere for study, with open and friendly relations between teachers and students. There are many opportunities for students to realise their potential in various areas.

 1. Academic Achievements

The most success and ambitious students study at ICEF. In the last academic year, Master’s students at the College were awarded various scholarships:

- Silver Swallow: Anna Tikhonova, Suren Avanian

- Elevated Scholarship for Research Activity: Vadim Kostomarov

- Elevated Scholarship for Academic Achievement: Anastasia Tikhonova, Anna Tikhonova, Suren Avanian

- The Oxford-Russia Fund Scholarships: Olga Shikhantsova, Anna Tikhonova, Suren Avanian

- Higher Dreams Scholarship Programme (Triple Dialog): Anastasia Verbitsckaya

ICEF MSc students, under the leadership of a highly-qualified faculty, are engaged in ground-breaking and innovative research, using the most up-to-date methods in investigating today’s pressing issues in finance and economics. This means that the best Master’s students at ICEF are always among the winners of the HSE student research competitions, with their work published in journals and annual compilations.

2. Tournaments, competitions and case-studies

ICEF students participate in extra-curricular programmes that prepare them for the working world. One of the most popular activities is taking part in business-focussed games and various competitions; victory in one of these is something that employers greatly value.

The ICEF MSc team competes every year in the CFA Institute Research Challenge, and in spring 2015 the team – made up of Anna Tikhonova, Anastasia Tikhonova, Suren Avanian, Ksenia Kushner and Durdieva Diana – won the entire tournament, beating teams from RES, the Financial University and MSU.

In 2015-2015, ICEF Master’s students took part in the following events:

- BCG UnlimITed 2014, Paris (Vadim Kostomarov).

- BCG Traction Europe 2014 (Mark Zakhvatkin).

- McKinsey Horizon 2015, Mallorca (Vadim Kostomarov).

- McKinsey Business Diving 2015, Finalists (Andrei Romanchenko, Viacheslav Kabaev, Anna Shvaleva).

- The Russian Economic Fund’s Scholarship Challenge 2014 (Vadim Kostomarov).

- Idea Challenge "Future of the Orchestra", BCG, Nov 2014, Winner (Oksana Kabakova, Tatiana Boroshko, Olga Shikhantsova, Yana Fedorova, Viacheslav Kabaev, Olga Kuseva).

- The Management of the Future Conference 2015, GSOM SPBU, St Petersburg (Zalim Adigeunov, Ivan Vereschagin, Natalya Gasselbach, Anna Sivkova).

- 3K Olympiad – Students’ Digital Olympiad, Summer 2015, Winner (Ivan Abramov).

- GSOM Emerging Markets Conference: Business and Government Perspectives, Fall 2014 (Anna Sikovka).

- Unilever Future Leader's League, Semi-final (Maria Ermolova, Maria Chernotalova, Alexander Kovalenko, Ksenia Kuptsova).

- Stanford Russo-American Forum (Kiril Kopitov).

- Moscow Cup 2015 (Alexander Kovalenko, Ksenia Kuptsova, Dennis Orlov, Maria Chernotalova).

- The Great Game -  McKinsey & Company, L`Oreal (Pavel Sitnikov).

3. Charity

ICEF students founded the charity organisation ICEF Outreach, aiming to bring warmth to those who lack it through voluntary work. Students themselves organise trips to children’s homes, regularly collecting goods, funds and equipment for them, as well as holding monthly bake sales to raise additional money. 

4. Sport

MSc students at ICEF are heavily involved in sport. Last spring, ICEF came first out of all faculty teams in the HSE Sports Olympiad – for the third year in a row! For a few months our athletes had been training hard in various sports: track & field, volleyball, tennis, football, basketball, weightlifting, table tennis, badminton, swimming and chess.

Students also organised championships within the faculty in table tennis, snooker, bowling, and go-karting; students also take part in the HSE championships, particularly in football and volleyball. There are many high-calibre sportspeople in the ICEF student body, especially in tennis and skiing.