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I came to HSE with a foundation in various business skills but here I have an opportunity to develop them further

Chris Koutsoubis, 1st year MIB student from the USA about developing his business skills at the program

Current job: Business Operations Analyst at an Engineering Firm in New York
Prior education: Hofstra University: Bachelors of Business Administration; Dual Major in Accounting and Business Law
Professional areas of interest: Trade, Finance, Consulting
Languages proficient in: English
Someone you admire: John Nash

Dear Chris, could you please share with us, what was your motivation to pursue a master’s degree in Russia? And how do you find your experience of studying and living in Moscow so far?

For “International Business” it makes sense to have an experience outside of your home country. HSE’s MIB program seemed like a good decision after talking to other students and from what I read online. Why Russia? Growing up in a Greek Orthodox family with many Russian friends in New York, I've always been interested in coming here. I've enjoyed my time in Moscow so far.

Why out of all the master’s programs offered by the leading Russian universities, you decided to pursue Master of International Business at the HSE?

HSE seemed like the most modern and internationally focused university in Moscow.

Almost 3 months of studies at HSE MIB are over. How were your expectations met?

I was able to connect with different students, professors, and professionals in an interesting environment.

Can you share with us some of the most exciting or challenging moments?

Adapting to being in a different country as well as returning to an educational environment.

Courses and lecturers you find the most exciting, and why?

Marketing with Professor Shevchenko was engaging. It was cool to develop a product using the frameworks he taught us. Economics, World Economy, and International Relations were good to review. Professor Nazarov is definitely passionate about IB Research theories. Accounting is the easiest since it was my undergraduate major and I find myself tutoring other students.

Do you consider any mobility program offered by MIB?

No, I plan to study in Russia for the duration of the program.

How do you like studying in an international group?  

It is good to be exposed to people from all over the world. We’ll often have different perspectives and solutions to the coursework.

In your opinion, what are the most important and useful skills you acquire while being an MIB student?

I came to HSE with a foundation in various business skills (group work, analysis, presentations, etc) but here I have an opportunity to develop them further.

What are your career plans? Which country and business areas would you choose for your future life?

I could go back to the US and find a job in consulting – to assist Russian businesses trying to come to the US or US businesses trying to come to Russia. I’d be able to help them navigate through any relevant regulations and provide a good assessment of economic conditions. There is also the possibility of opening a business here in Moscow before graduation.

What would you recommend to our prospective international students?

Even if you can live in your own apartment, consider staying in the dormitory. It is an additional opportunity to get to know students in different programs. I have two roommates – one from Tomsk, Siberia and another from Jordan. You can walk around the floor and commonly hear Russian, English, Spanish, Mandarin, Hindi, and Arabic being spoken.