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I want to develop further in the direction of international product management in pharmaceutical industry

Davide Andrea Blaser, MIB alumnus of 2018, currently is a Sales Management Trainee in the area of medical devices, Switzerland

Name: Davide Andrea Blaser, MIB alumnus of 2018

Current job : Sales Management Trainee

Prior education: Business Administration, Aarhus University, Denmark

Professional areas of interest: Healthcare

Languages proficient in: German, Danish, English

Hobbies: Cross-Fit

Favorite destination: Moscow, Russia


Davide, please tell us about specific project(s) you are currently working on at your company.

I am currently responsible for the product line in the area of Medical Devices, Trauma. That means I do support and organization for all sales & marketing activities in Switzerland, and negotiations with doctors, clinics, administrations and purchasing departments.

How does your daily job correspond to the knowledge and skills obtained at HSE MIB?

The practical approach of MIB and its highly professional teachers from various fields have surely helped me a lot. Including especially the Consulting classes from Irina Kratko, the head of the program, and, in general, the approach to learn through real company cases, and how to succesfully solve them in a team of international students.

What attracted you to Master of International Business program in Moscow after your life abroad?

The excellent reputation of both the program and university abroad affected my decision to select HSE. Moreover, MIB was the most practice-based program among all other master’s programs. 

Can you share with us some of the most exciting or challenging moments at MIB?

Definitely the Consulting Project I had with Simple Wine. It was a highly interesting Project in the area of market entry. The project wasn’t just some assignment; it was a real-life project that the executives at Simple Wine would actually use. The project enabled me to test my capabilities in the fast-paced business environment.

Courses and lecturers you find the most exciting, and why?

As for the courses and lecturers that I have found the most exciting, I would like to mention Consulting taught by Professor Irina Kratko, and definitely International Marketing class led by Vyacheslav Buyevskiy (Partner at PwC). I found these courses the most inspiring and thought-provoking. They were also very interactive and practice-based.

How can you describe your life in Moscow during 2016-2018 in several sentences?

Through my studies I got to know fantastic people and found a lot of new friends for life from different countries. By the way, Moscow is a fantastic city and has inspired me every day by the variety of possibilities. You have to experience it for yourself, it’s a one in a lifetime experience.

In your opinion, what are the most important and useful skills you acquire while being an MIB student?

I have improved my communication, leadership and time management skills.

Furthermore, I have learnt how to work well on an international team, how to plan, organize and prioritize the work. The program has taught me how to become a fast decision maker who is capable of solving problems quickly and effectively in today’s busy world.

How do see your career now? In which country?

For my career start I am completely satisfied with Switzerland, but in the next 2 years I want to develop further in the direction of International Product Manager in Pharma, so that I can take over the responsibility of different countries.