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Moscow is an active, safe and fancy place to live in

Emma Fuzeau, 1st year MIB student from France on her life in Moscow

Current job:
Wagner and Experts

Prior education: Bachelor in Business in Toulouse, France

Professional areas of interest: Aeronautic and Automotive industry

Languages ​​proficient in: French and English

Dear Emma, ​​what was your motivation to pursue a master's degree in Russia? And how do you find your experience of studying and living in Moscow so far?

This master is an open door to discover the Russian civilization, to experience the Moscovite life, to learn a foreign language, and why not, to find a job. I am sure that this is a very attractive place, whether it is to do business, tourism, or studies. Moscow is an active, safe and fancy place to live in.

Why do you want to pursue Master of International Business at the HSE? 

I am in the Master of International Business, because I am very passionate about Business and am pretty sure I am following my path. It was also the logical continuity of my curriculum, since I had previously done studies in Business. Why International Business? In today's world Internationalization is inevitable, which is why opening yourself to the world and learning how to deal with this phenomenon is very important.

Almost 3 months of studies at HSE MIB are over. How were your expectations met? 

I was very pleased to be in this Master. I was welcomed by a thoughtful team in a friendly atmosphere. The courses meet my expectations as we discover new things every day. We also have professionals who often visit our school and share their experiences and key knowledge about their company.

Can you share some of the most exciting or challenging moments? 

The most exciting and challenging moment was when I first arrived in Moscow and HSE, which was on the same day. To find my way through the city and then through the new buildings of HSE seemed like an incredible first experience.

Courses and lecturers you find the most exciting, and why? 

I really enjoyed World Economy, Marketing, and Finances and extra scholar researches. I have now been in HSE for 3 months and am sure there is yet to come. We work with interesting materials and have qualified teachers.

Do you consider any mobility program offered by MIB? 

I am actually considering the exchange program in the US, whether in the University of South Carolina or the Fletcher School of Law in Boston.

In your opinion, what are the most important and useful skills you acquire while being an MIB student? 

You acquire the skills to make public speeches and well structured presentations. You also learn how to work in a group and efficiently prepare in time home assignements.

What are your career plans? Which country and business areas would you choose for your future life?
For my future I would like to see these industries as an aeronautical and automotive (with production part of their business model). I am also really looking forward to travel and visit new places such as USA.

What would you recommend to our prospective international students?

I would recommend you to start learning Russian before you come. But hey, it's a challenge!

And also I would like to thank Alyona, Marina, Irina and the whole MIB team for the warm welcome))