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I believe that MIB really enhanced my problem solving capabilities

Paolo Abbate, 2019 graduate of the Double Degree program LUISS-HSE, currently is a Business Analyst at Leonardo - Aerospace, Defence and Security (Rome, Italy)

Paolo Abbate, alumnus of 2019

Current job: Business Analyst at Leonardo - Aerospace, Defence and Security, Rome, Italy

Prior education: Double Degree in International Business LUISS-HSE

Professional areas of interest: Consulting, International relations, International business

Languages proficient in: Italian, English

Hobbies: Sports, Books, Travels

Paolo, could you please tell us about specific project(s) you are currently working on at your company?

I am currently a part of the Transformation Programs Unit at Leonardo in Rome, Italy, which main objective is to provide support to all company divisions. In particular, we help divisions in solving business-related issues and/or in implementing solutions to improve their organizational effectiveness.

How does your daily job correspond to the knowledge and skills obtained at HSE MIB?

I believe that both the hard and soft skills gathered at the HSE MIB are crucial to increase my problem solving capabilities.

You graduated both from LUISS and HSE. How was your double degree experience with HSE? What attracted you to Master of International Business program in Moscow?

The double degree program with the HSE has been a really intense and challenging experience which contributed not only to my professional growth, but also to my personal one.

I have chosen the MIB in Moscow for its international exposure, its ranking position and of course for Moscow itself.

Can you share with us some of the most exciting or challenging moments at MIB?

One of the most exciting moments was the graduation ceremony. That day made me feel extremely gratified for all the efforts and commitment that I put in the MIB since then. It made me happy once again for having taken the decision of applying to such a program.

Courses and lecturers you found the most exciting, and why?

One of the most interesting courses has been the International Operational and Supply Chain Management one held by Prof.Gavrilyuk. I found extremely exciting the case studies and the practical exercises proposed by Prof. Gavirlyuk, which involved concrete applications of the concept studied during theoretical classes and competitions among students.

How can you describe your life in Moscow during 2018-2019 in a few words?

Fascinating, challenging and exciting.

You had an internship in Moscow last year. Could you please share your impressions with us?

My internship in Moscow was extremely interesting since it allowed me to get in touch with many professionals in Russia, to better comprehend how business works in Russia and in particular the Russian business culture. It also allowed me to create a strong network with a lot of professionals, which was one of my priorities.

I am really glad that the HSE MIB organization allowed me to both participate in lectures and have the internship without many problems, this for sure is an added value of the program.

In your opinion, what are the most important and useful skills you acquired while being an MIB student?

I believe that the MIB really enhanced my problem solving capabilities as well as provided me some practical skills that showed to be crucial to face the working environment in which I am currently in.

Are you a different person today after having obtained MIB degree?

I believe that such experience changed me to the best. Now I feel more confident in facing difficulties and am ready for future challenges.

How do see your career in Italy, or in another country, now?

Right now, I really would like to work in a private or public entity which main objective is to strengthen the business relations between Italy and Russia or, more generally speaking, in an Italian/Russian company with interests in expanding its activities in Russia/Italy.

What would you recommend to new MIB students?

The only piece of advice that I can give to new MIB students is not to limit their experience at HSE just by participating in lectures and exams, but to take part in all the MIB and HSE initiatives (i.e. seminars, events etc.) as well as use all the opportunities that Moscow can offer!