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I want to pursue my career in IT-consulting area

Rahul Mishra from India, MIB alumnus of 2019, currently is a Data Science intern in Alef Education, Abu Dhabi, the United Arab Emirates 

Current job: Data Science Intern, Alef Education, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Prior education: Bachelor of Technology (Electronics & Communication Engineering), India

Professional areas of interest: Consulting, Market Analysis

Languages proficient in: Hindi, English, Russki (I think i know it pretty well)

Hobbies: Cricket, Poker, Travel

Favorite destination: Saint Petersburg and Amsterdam

Rahul, would you be so kind to tell us about specific project(s) you are currently working on at your company?

I am currently working as a Data Science intern in Alef Education, Abu Dhabi. We are working to enable smart learning in education using artificial intelligence and machine learning, making the learning process more fun. We bridge the skill gaps in the student using the predictive analysis.

How does your daily job correspond to the knowledge and skills obtained at HSE MIB?

I am gaining further analytical skills before launching myself into consulting. I want to pursue my career in the IT consulting domain and MIB has helped me by having a live consulting course with Henkel. During the first year of studies we worked on a consulting project with professionals from Henkel and built their sales differentiation model.

What attracted you to Master of International Business program in Moscow after your life abroad?

HSE is a very international university and MIB as a program is very popular all around Europe and beyond. Given the ranking and reputation of the course and my interest in Indo-Russian relations made me choose MIB and HSE. I had some conversations with students before coming there and they all highly recommended me this specific program and the highly competent professors. We were taught by the pioneers of the consulting and finance companies which provided us with practical knowledge and deep theory.

Can you share with us some of the most exciting or challenging moments at MIB?

The most exciting part was the international atmosphere of the MIB program and university. I met people from all around the world and we worked together on different projects. It helped us realize different perspectives and methods of doing the same work.

There were many challenges as well, since the standard of the program was very high, the course demanded us to stay put for the work and sometimes have near possible deadline.

For me the most difficult challenge was to conduct the research for my thesis but in the end, I added one more skill to my bag.

Courses and lecturers you find the most exciting, and why?

I found Strategic Management and Consulting classes very existing. We worked on real projects and were among people from the real industry. It was a very enriching experience. Also, all other courses were exciting since we were not following the routine book module but rather working on continuous projects and working in teams.

How can you describe your life in Moscow during 2017-2019 in several sentences?

Indescribable! There were lots of challenges, fun (lots of it!), study, party, work, snow, industry visits, exchange, foreign students environment, local guides, World Cup etc. 

In your opinion, what are the most important and useful skills you acquire while being an MIB student?

One skill which is really helping me as well is research acumen. I had no research experience before MIB and all the research projects and thesis helped me approach problems better and understand the framework behind. The practice-oriented focus of the program helped me with my adaptation in the corporate environment as well. We were trained with lots of presentations which boosted my self-confidence.

Are you a different person today after having obtained MIB degree?

I can’t say I have become a different person but many of my personality traits have changed. I have become more patient and more open to other people's opinions and ideas. Collaboration is one more thing that has changed in me immensely. I find it easier to work in teams now than before.

How do see your career now? In which country?

I am gaining further analytical skills before launching myself into consulting. I want to pursue my career in the IT consulting domain. I am not really sure about one country in particular. Now I am an intern in UAE and do have plans for Europe as well. Russia is also a great choice since so many nostalgia is involved but I need to train my business Russian language skills more.

What would you recommend to new MIB students?

HSE and Moscow have a lot to offer. I highly recommend all incoming students to explore everything. The research faculty consists of world-class professors, and students interested in research should take advantage of it. There are many industries and partner universities associated with HSE that students should explore as well.