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Master Thesis

Master Thesis Deadlines:

November 20 – deadline for master thesis topic approval by Academic Director

March 31 – master thesis title/research advisor change

April 15 – submission of full draft to research advisor

May 12 – upload to LMS for antiplagiarism check, submission of final draft to research advisor and MIB office

May 17 – submission of advisor's review and antiplagiarism report to MIB office

Master Thesis defense period: May 31st - June 9th 

List of advisors and tentative topics:

Areas of research: topics 2022-2023

To submit your topic to the MIB study office, please use this form:

Master Thesis Application Form 

You should make sure it is signed both by you and your research advisor. Choosing a consultant is optional.
If your topic was approved but you wish to change it or change your research advisor, you can do so until March 31 by submitting the following documents to the MIB study office:

Master Thesis New Topic Application

Thesis New Advisor Application 

If you wish to postpone the deadline for your master thesis submission, please use the following form:

Application for change of Master Thesis submission deadline

Please note that the deadline for master thesis submission can be postponed only for medical reasons.

When writing your thesis, please use the following title page sample:

Master Thesis Title Page

The forms for research advisor's and opponent's reviews:

Master Thesis Research Advisor's Review 

Master Thesis Opponent's Review



Procedure for Appealing the Results of State Final Certifications