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About the Programme

Modern life and business realities are transforming rapidly. Everything is changing: consumer behaviour, business environment, relationships between market players. This leads to new requirements for marketing specialists.

The Master’s in Marketing (MIM) programme is focused on education of multi-skilled specialists, who are pable to:

·         monitor latest trends, analyze supply and demand, competitor activities; 

·         determine optimal business models and approaches for companies;

·         develop marketing strategies and implement in practice complex marketing plans;

·         follow the customer-oriented approach of marketing management;

·         develop value propositions and competitive products;

·         organize complex marketing campaigns for traditional and digital channels;

·         automate and optimize marketing business processes;

·         develop mutually beneficial relations with partners and suppliers;

·         optimize the value chain to maximize profit;

·         manage internal (within firms) and external (between firms) relationships;

·         collect data for marketing analytics and work with big data;

·         track effectiveness and optimize KPI’s of marketing activities.

Who is the MIM programme for:

The MIM programme is targeted at recent bachelor graduates with major in marketing or in other spheres as long as specialists with experience in marketing, who want to improve their qualifications.

The master’s programme in Marketing prepares students for careers in the following areas:

·         marketing management;

·         strategic marketing;

·         internet and digital marketing;

·         marketing research;

·         internal (within firms) and external (between firms) relationship management;

·         business promotion and development.

Priority directions and education forms:

The Master’s in Marketing (MIM) programme is multidisciplinary and practice-oriented. It includes not only marketing courses, but also complex disciplines on thematic areas of intersection between management, behavioural psychology, sociology, branding, neuromarketing, digital economy, etc.

One of the most important parts of the education is a development of research skills. Therefore, the MIM programme comprises both subject- and method-oriented courses. The focus on analytical and research skills development is achieved by in-depth studies of problems of research in different marketing areas.

The MIM programme includes the introduction of students into best practices and modern realities of marketing management. It comes in different education forms: guest lectures and workshops of top marketing experts, work on projects; case-studies, preparation of master thesis, which represent marketing activities of real companies; internships.

The MIM programme advantages:

Marketing programmes of the Faculty of Business and Management have been recognized several times by Russian Marketers’ Guild to be the best in Russia. Moreover, the MIM programme is in the ranking of best marketing programmes according to Eduniversal Best Masters Ranking.

Graduates of the programme are sought after on the job market and work at top Russian and foreign companies as marketing directors, specialists in digital marketing, business consultants, etc.

According to our students, the main advantages of the programme are:

·         practice-oriented education (many applied courses and disciplines);

·         networking ( a lot of invited practitioners and experts in various spheres);

·         acquisition of presentation skills, skills of teamwork, business analytics, etc.;

·         an opportunity to get up-to-date knowledge and practical skills, which are necessary for professional experience;

·         participation in real business projects, acquaintance to different companies, employers and their requirements;

·         an opportunity to participate in a double-degree programme (NRU HSE and a foreign university);

·         high demand for graduates of the programme at the labour market.