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The Fourth International Conference on Business Psychology continues the tradition of discussing business problems, which can be solved with the involvement of psychological approaches and methods. The development of business in our country takes place in difficult conditions. Today, in the context of economic stagnation and external sanc-tions, the development of efficient, competitive industries, the creation of new jobs, the strengthening of a posi-tive image of entrepreneurship in society, and so on is becoming especially important. Will entrepreneurs, busi-ness leaders find new resources for business development, benefit from the difficulties that the business faces? This largely depends on their ownership of business-psychological tools and technologies that are aimed at im-proving the efficiency of organizations and people in business.The purpose of the conference: exchange of ideas and experience, discussion of key tasks of modern business, solved by business-psychological technologies.

Subject matter of the issues under discussion:
• the psychological meaning of business processes in terms of different approaches and their application in practice;
• psychological content in the management of business processes, the practice of working with managers and organiza-tions;
• modern trajectories of professional development and self-improvement of managers and personnel in business;
• modern technologies for increasing personal effectiveness and developing the personal potential of executives and staff in business
• existing experience in the implementation of research, diagnostic and consulting projects at the level of the company's tactical and strategic goals;
• Business-psychological technologies for making optimal decisions in organizations;
• competences and skills of business psychologists for effective management of organizational changes, creation and de-velopment of an effective organizational culture in the company;
• business-psychological methods of analyzing consumer behavior, conducting marketing research, forming a brand, etc.

The Speakers of the Conference

1. Antonova Natalya Viktorovna, PhD in psychology, associate Professor, lecturer of the master program "Psychology in business" NRU HSE, member of the Association of business psychologists, Executive coach (Moscow).
2.  Armstrong Stephen C., Professor of Innovation at the University of Toronto, Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering, visiting professor in the business psychology centre at the University of Westminster. 

3. Bazarov Takhir Usupovich, President of the Association of business psychologists of Russia, doctor of Psychologycal Sciences, Professor of Moscow State University, Director of the Institute of practical psychology NRU HSE (Moscow).

4. Vlasov Peter Konstantinovich, doctor of Psychologycal Sciences, consultant, coach, head of research and publishing projects at the Institute of Applied Psychology "Humanitarian center". Member of international professional associations IAAP, EAWOP (Kharkiv)

5. Deyneka Olga Sergeevna, Psychologycal Sciences, Professor, acting head of department of political psychology of St. Petersburg State University (Saint Petersburg)

6. Eliseenko Alexander Sergeevich, business psychologist, organizational consultant, lecturer of master program "Psychology in business" HSE, member of the Association of business psychologists (Moscow).

7. Ivanov Mikhail Arkadievich, PhD in psychology, certified according to international standard management consultant, SNA of the faculty of psychology of Moscow state University and Vice-President of the National Institute of certified management consultants (Moscow).

8. Ivanova Natalya Lvovna, doctor of psychology, Professor, Academic Head of master's program "Psychology in business" HSE, co-founder of the Association of business psychologists (Moscow).

9. Klucharev Vasily Andreevich, PhD in biology, Professor, leader of department of psychology at NRU HSE, leading researcher of the Center of neuroeconomics and cognitive studies.

10. Nestik Timofey Aleksandrovich, Executive Director of the Association of business psychologists of Russia, doctor of psychological sciences, head of the  laboratory of social and economic psychology IP RAS (Moscow).

11. Patosha Olga Ivanovna, PhD in psychology, associate Professor, lecturer of the master program "Psychology in business" NRU HSE, member of the Association of business psychologists (Moscow).

12. Sidorenko Elena Vasilievna, PhD in psychology, associate Professor at St. Petersburg State University, visiting Professor of Stockholm school of Economics in Russia, business trainer, coach (St. Petersburg).

13. Tretyakov Vitaly Petrovich, doctor of psychological sciences, Professor of the Department of ergonomics and engineering psychology, faculty of psychology of St. Petersburg State University.

14. Thierry Renar, head of group cohesion human resources the HR Department, the National society of French Railways SNCF (Paris, France).

15. Shadrikov Vladimir Dmitrievich, Doctor of psychologycal Sciences, Professor, Academician of the RAS, scientific adviser of department of psychology at HSE.

16. Stroo Vladimir Arturovich, PhD in psychology, Professor, head of the Department of organizational psychology, chief editor of magazine “Organizational psychology”, HSE, co-founder of the Association of business psychologists (Moscow).

Leaders of Master Classes

1. Prasetyo Christopher, business psychologist, business and organizational consultant, University of Westminster (London, UK).

2. Dorothy Spry, business psychologist, coach, business and organizational consultant, CEO of True North Leaders (London, UK).

3. Vengrzhanovskaya Talina Maratovna, PhD in psychology, founder and director of the Institute for creative thinking (Creative Thinking Institute), Executive & Team Coach (member of ICF, ICC, ARC) (Moscow).

4. Groo Elena, a strategic partner of Oleg Zamyshlyaev’s Workshop, Head of Board Development Project of AFK Sistema, business coach and team coach ICF, ex Head of T&D the Moscow Exchange (Moscow).

5. Grushko Natalia Viktorovna, PhD in psychology, associate Professor of social psychology of Omsk state University, full member of Professional psychotherapeutic League (PPL), corresponding member of the IPSA, honorary worker of higher education of the Russian Federation (Omsk). 

6. De Previl Elena, PhD University Paris Descartes (Sorbonne), researcher of the Department of organizational changes at the ESSEC Business school (Paris, France).

7. Kiseleva Anna Arkadyevna, PhD in psychology, Deputy Director of the Institute of Applied Psychology "Humanitarian center", expert in the field of consumer behavior, advertising, organizational communications (Kharkov).

8. Kulinich Marina Vladimirovna, expert in effective communication and team work, facilitator, business coach (Moscow)

Registration for the conference End of registration for the conference on October 20, 2017.

Registration for the conference is available at https://social.hse.ru/bispsy/

Contacts of the Conference Organizing Committee:E-mail: bpsymaster@hse.ru

Publications:It is planned to publish the materials of the conference: according to the results of the conference - a collection of abstracts (in electronic form).

Cost of participation:

participation in the conference is free

patricipation in workshops - For ABP members 3000 rub. For participants 5000 rub.

About conference