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Compare the competencies of a business psychologist and a crisis consultant

Based on the results of the master class: "Fundamentals of crisis counseling»

The current situation in the world has highlighted the problem of the crisis in business as perhaps the most pressing for all of us, our way of life and doing business. Therefore, we have seriously engaged in understanding the issue of the competence of business psychologists in helping organizations to overcome crisis situations. In this direction, several events were held for students. One of them is a master class on the specifics of the work of a business psychologist in companies, which was conducted by Alexander Esliseenko and Ruslan kutuev. These are brilliant graduates of our program, red graduates. After graduation, they gained valuable experience in various business areas: from international companies to their own business.
Alexander Eliseenko-consultant, trainer, teacher of the program "Psychology in business" he conducts courses of the organizational unit, teaches the possession of quantitative and qualitative methods, the basics of group work, etc. 


Crisis manager

Business psychologist


System in crisis due to inadequate management-emergency mode (inadequate, unprofessional, abuse or outright fraud as a result of theft or raiding, manipulation, collusion, corruption)

The system is in crisis due to inadequate reality of people's perceptions of the situation (denial, unwillingness to adapt, ignoring the facts, defensive position)

The purpose of the consultant

Balance the resource model of the enterprise (restore order in the resource allocation system)

The return of people to an adequate state of the situation


Adjustment of financial and economic, investment, policy, strengthening of control, strengthening of manageability, compliance with legislation

Joint coping with difficulties and searching for resources (potential) to resolve the situation (to update the picture of what is happening, to find the necessary psychological and socio-economic resources).

Business results

Business is stable


Business is sustainable
There is a team

Result for people

Order and certainty
Stable operation of business systems

Clarity and understanding of perspectives
Moral stability
Uncovering your creative potential

What to learn from them

Clarity, technology, speed, discipline, goal setting, structure and consistency

System (in the dynamic aspect), stability to instability, creativity and search for solutions, the ability to release the potential of people

As a result of the lesson, the tasks and directions of our professional development became clear. Now we can go further in this analysis, namely to think about the points of contact, the cooperation of these professionals. And perhaps about the new competencies of business psychologists!