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Master’s Programme 'Political Analysis and Public Policy'

Contemporary Public Policy is the ongoing search for the answers to society's most burning questions and collective decision-making for the purposes of public development.

The Master’s Programme in Political Analysis and Public Policy targets the development of complex competencies related to conflict analysis and conflict resolution, public policy agenda-setting, stakeholder analysis, actor-centered approach to policy-making and implementation, social research, data collection and analysis of public policy issues, group work and leadership in dynamic environments.

Taught in English, the programme unites students from all over the world. The professors have very diverse professional experience representing renowned Russian and foreign universities, such as the University of Bern (Switzerland), University of Cambridge, UK, Latrobe University, Australia and University of Toronto, Canada


2 years
Full-time Programme
Instruction in English
Russian government and HSE scholarships and tuition fee waivers available
Nina Belyaeva and Sanjay K. Rajhans, Academic Supervisor and Senior Lecturer: Master’s programme 'Political Analysis and Public Policy'

Important announcements


Illustration for news: Youth Forum Сelac-Russia

Youth Forum Сelac-Russia

The Public Policy department of HSE is actively taking part in the organisation of the first ‘Youth forum Сelac-russia’. CELAC (Latin American and Caribbean Community) is an instrument to implement and strengthen regional participation in multilateral negotiation processes, extra-regional cooperation, and political dialogue towards the different challenges of the current economic, social and political system aiming at an equitable development (CELAC,2011)

Illustration for news: Oxfam Workshop on Violence against Women

Oxfam Workshop on Violence against Women

On October 3rd and 4th Zorica Skakun, a gender coordinator for Oxfam GB in Yemen who provides support and leadership to ensure women's rights, presented two workshops on various aspects of violence against women for students of the programme "Political Analysis and Public Policy".

Illustration for news: HSE Day For Everyone

HSE Day For Everyone

On September 13, the annual HSE Day will take place in Gorky Park. This is an exciting event, open to people of all ages and backgrounds. Every year, the choice of activities becomes longer and longer. Find out here what’s on offer – there’s something for everyone.

Illustration for news: Indonesian bachelors discussed the possibility of developing their research within the framework of the master's program "political analysis and public policy”

Indonesian bachelors discussed the possibility of developing their research within the framework of the master's program "political analysis and public policy”

From July 23 to July 26, the Tenth International Symposium of the Alliance of Indonesian students studying abroad (OISAA) was held on the Moscow campus of the Higher School of Economics. Experts and students from Russia and Southeast Asia gathered to discuss the role of young Indonesian people in the development of the Republic.

Illustration for news: Political Analysis and Public Policy Programme Leads to Exciting International Career

Political Analysis and Public Policy Programme Leads to Exciting International Career

After graduating two years ago from HSE’s Master’s programme in Political Analysis and Public Policy, Svetlana Kosmakova took a job with the International Committee of the Red Cross as a Migration Program Officer. She recently spoke with Sanjay Rajhans of the HSE News Service about her studies at HSE, the trajectory of her career, and what advice she would offer prospective students in Political Analysis and Public Policy.

My Journey as a Public Policy Student at HSE

"I still remember the first day I landed in Moscow. It was autumn, the weather was slightly chilly and Moscow felt surprisingly familiar to me. It took me a good two weeks to finish all the paperwork (which was quite daunting in the beginning), after which I started feeling much more settled in Moscow. The program is truly international - I was amazed by the number of students from different countries such as Syria, Mexico, France, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Nigeria, Uzbekistan, Turkey, Kazakhstan and so many more." - by Sambhavna Biswas, alumni of the programme

Illustration for news: Graduation Ceremony 2018

Graduation Ceremony 2018

The final days of the academic calendar at HSE include a range of activities that serve as the culmination of a learning marathon that each student, regardless of discipline or programme, has worked hard to complete.  The Department of Public Policy’s international Master’s programme saw its own marathon come to an end with a graduation ceremony on June 29. Graduating is not the end of hard work – it’s just a break before you get into the new and bigger challenges in life.

Illustration for news: New Registration Rules Now in Place for Foreign Citizens in Russia

New Registration Rules Now in Place for Foreign Citizens in Russia

On July 8, amendments to Russian migration legislation regulating the registration of foreign citizens coming to the Russian Federation came into effect. They concern, in particular, HSE’s international employees and students. The most important change: you now must be registered at the place where you actually live.

Experiencing Moscow

In addition to interviews with international faculty, The HSE Lookis launching a new feature – a column about their life in Russia, what they discover in different cities, and interesting venues at HSE and beyond. If you have an interesting experience to share, please contact us at ifaculty.support@hse.ru. In this issue, we present a column by Arnab Roy Chowdhury.

Illustration for news: Seize the moment

Seize the moment

"Extracurricular student exercises and engagement outside the classroom I find profoundly profitable to both the institution and student. I have been a product of this from the dawn of studying here at the Higer School of Economics (HSE). Giving me the chance to take on significant responsibility for creating internship opportunity. This provided me with a depth of practical experience I would not have gained in the university" - by Etikini Rukevwe Claret, second-year student, about her internship opportunities during the study.

Public Policy everywhere