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This programme combines political science, public administration, NGO management, and other related social sciences. The focus on various specialized policies, actors of policymaking, policy processes, and institutional context is what makes public policy unique and essential for understanding the contemporary world. 
Our Master’s programme is based on the best practices of top Master's programmes in Public Policy around the world. We are constantly developing and improving the programme and involve representatives from leading Russian, European and American universities, influential think tanks, and renowned international organizations in the teaching process.
The programme has two study tracks, “Public Policy Analysis” and “Human Rights and Democratic Governance”, and provides students with numerous opportunities for professional development to achieve their career goals.
2 years
Full-time Programme
Instruction in English
Nina Belyaeva and Sanjay K. Rajhans, Academic Supervisor and Senior Lecturer: Master’s programme 'Political Analysis and Public Policy'


The Model United Nations Experience

Students of the program, Peter Pantiushkin, Rukevwe Etikini Claret and Opubo Melford Dokubo Goodhead, are sharing his experiences of participation in the extremely prominent and peculiar Model of the United Nations that was held in Moscow,  April 2017.

Print Your Thesis or Study Materials at HSE Printing Office

HSE Printing Office offers a ‘while you wait’ service to print your thesis, term papers, essays, drawings, posters, or other materials required for exams. These documents can also be bound and laminated. Discounts fare available for HSE students and staff members.

"Fragmented Global Space" and the perils of migration, human trafficking and racism

The Higher School of Economics, Moscow on the 26th of April 2017 was host to Professor Badrul Alam from Cornell University, Ms Barbara Rogers from MPC Social Services, Mr Kehinde Banwo from Helps Services Nigerians in Russia. The round table discuss was centred on the violation of human rights with a major focus on young African ladies being sold into sex slavery under the pretence that they were brought to Russia for the purpose of education.

Human Rights in Non-Western Societies: Visiting lecture by Alexander Verkhovsky

The 19th April 2017 the students of the class Human Rights in Non-Western societies were honoured by a guest lecture by Alexander Verkhovsky, a leading authority on ultra-nationalism in the Russian Federation, public activist and director of the SOVA Center for Information and Analysis.

International Students to Receive Tuition Fee Discounts at HSE

International students enrolled in fee-paying places of HSE Bachelor’s and Master’s programmes in 2017 are eligible for tuition fee discounts. Moreover, discounts will be offered to participants of HSE student competitions and graduates of HSE Pre-University programmes, as well as those potential students who have graduated from the University’s partner schools.

International Students Can Apply for Fee-paying Slots at HSE until August

April 1st, 2017 was the deadline for international students claiming state-financed slots on master’s programmes funded by scholarships from the Russian Government. The application period for undergraduate programmes lasts until May 2, and for fee-paying slots in undergraduate and master’s programmes – until mid-August. Some of the prospective students will have the opportunity to get a tuition fee discount.

International Olympiad Competitions for Master’s Programmes Held by HSE

In March and April, an HSE Olympiad competition for students and graduates took place in Russia and other countries, including the USA, Indonesia, Mongolia, and Vietnam. About 9,500 people registered for the competition, an increase of 25% over last year. One-third of all participants were HSE students and graduates. The winners of the Olympiad will be at an advantage when applying for HSE’s Master’s programmes corresponding to the competitions they participated in.

Students Experience Gateway to Diplomacy

‘I find extracurricular activities and student engagement outside the classroom to be highly valuable to both students and schools. They provide a channel for reinforcing lessons learned in the classroom, offer students the opportunity to apply academic skills in a real-world context, and are thus part of a well-rounded education’.

A study voyage to Incredible India for sustainable development and inclusive Policy forum

"Global Youth Leadership Development Program holds a reputation for being a unique program providing a platform for the global youth to have a nuanced understanding of global affairs. The ultimate idea of the program was to self-realize the diverse participants from across the world on the paradigm of leadership, and this from all the response from my colleague participants was successfully achieved." by Benjamin Odame, 2nd year master student of "Political analysis and public policy" programme.

Data interpretation seminar: differencies and similarities in policy change

Period of data collection is over, so participants of study-scientific group "Civic participation and social change" presented their first opinions on data interpretation regarding to selected countries. Main issue of this stage of research is to track similarities between countries based on happened after mass protests policy and institutional changes. With help of collected data and different social, economic and political indicators, participants trying to answer this complicated question.

Public Policy everywhere