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Programme overview

 Two pages about us

The program combines the conceptual and evidence-based learning traditions of the American and European approaches to Public Policy, the teaching staff represents both Russian and foreign academic schools. 

The program has two equally important concentrations: 

Public Policy Analysis - focusing on the development of analytical competencies in various policy fields 
Human Rights and Democratic Governance - providing opportunities for professional growth in the fields of development policies and human rights protection

The flexibility of the study plan is ensured by a wide variety of elective courses for both of the concentrations. The classes are scheduled mostly from 6 PM (3 PM for the 1st year of studies) till 9 PM, which makes it possible for the students to combine studies with part-time or full-time professional employment. The studies include professional internship during the 2nd year of studies, which plays an important role in the Master Thesis research and further professional career.

International Academic Mobility

The program offers its best students an opportunity to participate in academic mobility programs with the University of Bologna (Italy), Science Po Lyon (France) and other partner universities

Skills. Competencies. Jobs

The Master's in Public Policy is a practice-oriented program developing the skills required to articulate issues of public concern, analyze alternative policies, facilitate the adoption and implementation of specific public choices, and evaluate their effects. The goal is to educate professional analysts capable to deal with complex public policy issues of the modern world. The program provides each student with a strong multi-disciplinary foundation of skills and knowledge and an opportunity to apply them to contemporary public policy process

Our graduates build analytical and managerial careers in:

  • National, regional and global think tanks;
  • Carnegie Centre (Moscow), Centre for Political Technologies, Institute of World Politics and International Relations (IMEMO), PIR Centre;
  • International Human Rights and Humanitarian organizations: HR Watch, Doctors Without Borders;
  • International Red Cross, Amnesty International;
  • Business Associations and large corporations: Moscow Chamber of Trade and Commerce, Business Russia, ROSATOM, Yandex, LUKOIL;
  • National and international governmental agencies: British Council, UNESCO, UN, ILO, Ministry of Economic Development of RF, Ministry of Education of RF,  Government of Moscow.

Our Students

The programme is open to students with different professional, educational and cultural backgrounds. We have graduates who demonstrate that public policy can be effectively mastered on the basis of management, political science, public administration, philosophy, history, geography, and even mathematics. It can be efficiently combined with various career experiences ranging from volunteering and NGO employment to business and civil service.

The programme is taught in English and has been welcoming international students since 2006. Our students are from Afghanistan, Belarus, Egypt, Germany, Ghana, Guinea, Hungary, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Mongolia, Morocco, Myanmar, Nigeria, Pakistan, Romania, Serbia, Thailand, Turkey, UK, Ukraine, USA, and other countries. The programme has very strong and supportive international student community. Besides, international students are provided with an opportunity to study Russian, which makes adaptation easier.

Student Support

All HSE students automatically get access to the social infrastructure of our university:

  1. State scholarships (covers 25 - 100% tuition fees for the best applicants from Russia and abroad);
  2. University dormitories (at subsidized prices – approximately 1 500 RUB per month) 
  3. Academic stipends and scholarships;
  4. And social support programs (eligibility varies).

The Study Office of the Programme provides student support on all the issues related to the curriculum issues. The Academic Supervisor of the program and the staff of the Public Policy Department assist students with the questions, devoted to the academic component, research, and professional development.

At the beginning of the academic year we have special orientation events assisting our students to understand the study process, the HSE organization, the opportunities for students at HSE, and life in Moscow. The Student Chamber of the Programme provides discussion opportunities and practical support for the students too.

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