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Programme Facts

Field of Study

Campus in Moscow
Public Policy Department

Languages of Instruction

Instruction in English

Educational tracks
  1. Public Policy Analysis
  2. Human Rights and Democratic Governance
Special conditions

Russian government and HSE scholarships and tuition fee waivers not applicable

Nina Belyaeva and Sanjay K. Rajhans, Academic Supervisor and Senior Lecturer: Master’s programme 'Political Analysis and Public Policy'


Illustration for news: Democratic Unease in the Post Trump Period

Democratic Unease in the Post Trump Period

The webinar organized by Prof Alberto Pirnie at the institute of law, politics and development at Scuola Superiore Sant Anna in Pisa, Italy by inviting Prof Sanjay Rajhans of HSE from the Department of Public Policy, Moscow to deliver a lecture titled “Terra Incognita or more of the same: The “Democratic unease” in the post Trump period” was a timely contribution with changes that have occurred across the Atlantic in the recent past.

Illustration for news: Student expedition to Vladimir

Student expedition to Vladimir

From the 24th to the 30th of October 2019, a group of fifteen students and three professors from the National Research University Higher School of Economics, had the opportunity to participate in an ethnological expedition to Vladimir. The reason that led the group of students to this city was the local clash of ideals – if not mentalities - related with its central museum. During six days, with the support of the members of Vladimir’s independent journal, Dovod (“Argument”), the group of students, under supervision of their professors, was responsible to interact with the local population, interviewing entities connected with the museum, social communication, and the regional educational institutions.

Illustration for news: How Experience of Studying at HSE has Fundamentally Changed the Views

How Experience of Studying at HSE has Fundamentally Changed the Views

'Students in our program come from various backgrounds, and I have cultivated invaluable friendships in these two years of studying. We had studied together, lived together, and had a lot of fun together. I will always carry these memories with me on my future journey to come'.  You Li, a graduate 2019 of Political Analysis and Public Policy, shares his study experience with us.

Illustration for news: The Romance between Knowledge and Wisdom: HSE - My Self-Treasured Paradise

The Romance between Knowledge and Wisdom: HSE - My Self-Treasured Paradise

The first adaptation days in Russia of Alchatib Satria Rizaldi were not easy. He used to live in Indonesia, a place where hospitality is a lifestyle which apparently in Moscow it is not obvious. The coldness of Russia's weather was seemed to equate the first treatment he received from the people he met randomly at the airport and public avenue. But during his 2-years study at Political Analysis and Public Policy program and HSE, the attitude has been changed and now he shares his experience with us.