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Research internship is an obligatory part of the Master’s Program “Political Analysis and Public Policy”. The internship is carried out every year during the 3rd module.

Internship placement is arranged by the Supervisor according to the student’s study track and research topic.

Before starting the internship students must submit the following forms to the Study Office (January 15 - 20):

1.   Internship Application
2.   Internship Program.
3.   Confirmation letter from the hosting organization
4.   Agreement between HSE and hosting organization (optional)

The forms must be signed by the student and her/his Supervisor. The forms are to contain contact information of the Internship Coordinator at the internship organization and the detailed plan of activities for the period of the internship, which is prepared by the student with participation of the Supervisor, based on the research topic.

Internship report and defense

Students are defending the internship results simultaneously with the pre-defense of their Term Paper or Master Thesis. They need to submit the following documents for the internship defense:

1.   Internship Daily Records with the signature and optional notes of the Internship Coordinator at the internship organization;

2.   Review of the intern’s work by the Internship Coordinator with the signature and contact information of the Internship Coordinator;

3.   Review by the Supervisor with a grade on the 10-point scale, awarded on the basis of the Internship Program fulfillment and the review by the Internship Coordinator, signed by the Supervisor;

4.   Internship Report

5.   Materials (data) collected during the internship – according to the Internship Program and presented in the form defined by the student’s Supervisor.

Students are to finish submitting the documents 1 week by 19:00, March 20, 2019 in the following way:

1.   Send the scans of documents (1, 2, 3 – mandatory, 4, 5 - recommended) to the Supervisor via email;

2.   Upload the digital copies of all the documents in LMS(using a special Research Seminar project) – including both reviews (2 and 3);

3.   Bring hard copies of all the documents to the Study Office.

Evaluation of internship results by the Commission is based on the following criteria:

·        Compliance of the internship aims to the Internship Regulations of the Master’s Program;

·        Fulfilment of the Internship Program, submitted by the student before the Internship;

·        The review and the grade for the Internship by the Supervisor;

·        The review and the grade for the Internship by the Internship Coordinator;

·        Content and quality of internship materials submitted by the student;

·        Student’s presentation of the internship results during the pre-defense;

·        Presented correspondence of the internship results to the Term Paper / Master’s Thesis research as far as the internship is intended to support the students’ research as the primary objective.

Below there are the forms and some samples.

List of Partners and Places for Internship

 List of Places for Intership_PP_all_years (PDF, 553 Kb)

 Regulations and templates for regular internship

Internship regulations

 Internship regulations 2018-2019 

Program of the Research Internship

Internship Application

Program of the Research Internship 
Internship Application 

Internship daily record template

 MA Public Policy Internship daily record 

Internship Report

 Internship Report 

Internship Confirmation from the hosting organization

 Letter of Confirmation

Regulation for extracurricular internship 

 Regulation of recommending students of HSE Public Policy Department for extracurricular internships

For reference  

Internship report template (optional)


 PP_Internship report_sample_Kosmakova 

Internship daily record sample

 PP_Internship daily record_sample_Kosmakova