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When do internships usually start?

The internship is completed during the 3rd module, 2nd year of studies in the course of 8 weeks.

20 Jan 2020
15 March 2020
Where should I do my internship?

Students can choose HSE departments or external organizations as places of their internship. List of potential places can be found here (DOCX, 41 Кб)


Which documents should be provided before the internship.

All students should provide internship application (DOCX, 15 Кб) and  internship program (DOCX, 16 Кб) to the study office. Additionally, an internship contract shpuld be prepared by the hosting organisation in two copies. If it is not possible to prepare such contract, students should do the following: 


  • After submitting application and program, study office will prepare a special offer letter (DOCX, 35 Кб)


  • On the basis of an offer letter, hosting organization should put together a letter of acceptance (DOCX, 18 Кб) and an

    internship plan (DOCX, 15 Кб)


What should I do after my internship?

After finishing their internship, students should upload to LMS, bring to the study office and e-mail their academic supervisor the following documents: 

1. Internship daily record (DOCX, 506 Кб)
2. Internship report (DOCX, 91 Кб)

Defense of internship results would be done simultaneously with the thesis predefense.

How my defense would be graded?

Evaluation of internship results by the Commission is based on the following criteria:

·        Compliance of the internship aims to the Internship Regulations of the Master’s Program;

·        Fulfilment of the Internship Program, submitted by the student before the Internship;

·        The review and the grade for the Internship by the Supervisor;

·        The review and the grade for the Internship by the Internship Coordinator;

·        Content and quality of internship materials submitted by the student;

·        Student’s presentation of the internship results during the pre-defense;

·        Presented correspondence of the internship results to the Term Paper / Master’s Thesis research as far as the internship is intended to support the students’ research as the primary objective.

How to fill out the forms?

Application example (PDF, 38 Кб)

Internship program example (PDF, 66 Кб)

Daily record example (PDF, 439 Кб)

Internship report example (PDF, 170 Кб)

Internship regulations

Regulations for Public policy student internships (PDF, 338 Кб)