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In memoriam: Sanjay Kumar Rajhans

Faculty of Social Sciences offers condolences to family in colleagues of Sanjay Kumar Rajhans, who has passed away recently.

In memoriam: Sanjay Kumar Rajhans

Sanjay was the Vyshka alumni. He graduated from 2-year MA program “Political Analysis and Public Policy” at HSE where he defended his thesis on soft Power in the international polictics of India. After his graduation, Sanjay was invited to teach at the department.

Sanjay knew how to create an extraordinary atmosphere of complicity, mutual support, and intercultural communication in a multinational team of students and teachers. Together with our students, Sanjay established annual Human Rights Day - and later Human Rights Week - connecting our program with other faculties and invited experts.

Sanjay created and taught several unique courses – Human Rights in Non-Western Societies, Methodology and Methods of Political Science, Religion, Governance and Human Rights and Humanitarian Actions. In 2018 and 2020 he was recognized by our students as the best teacher.

He was engaged in research work in very diverse spheres, providing two chapters for our Department book devoted to Protest Publics, published by Springer; he coauthored book review published by Cambridge University Press ; the prestigious international journal European Policy Analysis accepted for publication his article “Problem complexity and narratives in Moscow's waste controversy” that was written in collaboration with professors and students from one of the HSE’s research and study group. He recently entered a Ph.d Program in Italy in St. Anna’s College,in Pisa, exploring post-Soviet political space and lectured in University of Turin on Indian Law

This summer Sanjay suffered from many troubles - survived from malaria and later from Covid-19 in India, where he was waiting for the Russian visa to return to Moscow. Between the illnesses, he continued to participate remotely in teaching and took part in the preparation of the new academic year. But, apparently, the post-COVID left complications on his heart, and on July 21 Sanjay had left us.

Sanjay was a resilient and open-minded person, an excellent teacher and researcher, a wonderful friend and a father of two twin daughters. It is hard to accept his loss and we will continue to consider him a part of our common cause, to which he brought a lot of spiritual strength, optimism, and his bright energy.

We have collected messages from students, colleagues and friends of Sanjay to commemorate



Rest well Sir, You were a good man especially to all International Students

Posted by Ben Kwasi Odame on Friday, 23 July 2021

Это чудовищная несправедливость Для нас с Ниной это личная утрата

Posted by Shota Kakabadze on Friday, 23 July 2021

It is with great sadness that we learned of the recent death of Sanjay Kumar Rajhans, Senior Lecturer of the Public Policy Department, Faculty of Social Sciences (HSE). With this message we would like to express our deepest condolences to his family and colleagues on behalf of the Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna. We had the opportunity to host his lectures at the Scuola twice, and we will always remember his dedication to research, depth of knowledge, and enthusiasm.

Sincere condolences,

Prof. Andrea Mina
Pro-Rector for International Relations Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna


In the lives of mankind, it is undeniably true that death is inevitable but yours came unexpectedly like a tsunami throwing the entire students of the Political Analysis & Public Policy 2017/19 academic year group into a massive shock. It took us  by surprise when the announcement of your death broke into the public sphere, and we find it very hard to believe and accept that an academic hero and giant is no more with us on this mother earth. Your departure has left an irreparable crack in our hearts and minds as this day will be remembered as the day that darkness befalls us all.  Your actions and inactions were a true example of service to mankind such that at the peril of your health and hard times you continued to render your teaching and other academic responsibilities to us (your students) without even leaving notification to us as a student body. You treated us equally with love, care, respect, and progressively nurtured and mentored us to be the drivers of change to make the world a better place. We always ran to your office whenever we were in trouble and not a single day did you reject us. You stood and fought for us all even at a time we least expected it. Indeed, our hearts are truly broken because we have lost a great teacher, caring father, mentor and friend. Your memories shall forever remain in our hearts and minds. Until we meet again, we say rest well in the bosom of the Almighty God as perfect peace be with you. The students of the Political Analysis & Public Policy 2017/19 academic year group love you very much Professor Sanjay K. Rajhans.

Sanjay was a father to me - Matthew

Professor Sanjay was my mentor, my teacher and my friend- Mahrukh Mhurgri

Sanjay was a mentor with a great sense of humour and intellect combined. - Malang Faye

It is hard to believe, he was very young and full of great energy. I remember Prof. Sanjay and his interesting classes at HSE. He was all smiling, always happy and had many academic plans.- Kira Meshcherina

Ksatria - The Warrior, the very word I live by forever, and it was from him, so long my friend, Rest in Love. - Satria

Shaken by the loss of our great lecturer. He was a great person in so many ways. Compassionate, thoughtful, considerate and devoted best describe him as a person. It was a privilege to have Sanjay as a lecture and I am sure that many others would say the same! -Maria Deyma Deatara

Life is so short and remember is so long; we were together for 2 years but you will be in my heart for ages - Tun Myint Tun 


To me Prof. Sanjay was a great mentor and inspiring being I met in Moscow. RIP.- Morris

It’s quite difficult to say this final goodbye. I will always Remember his goodness. Wherever he is, I wish him happiness.- Kyaw Ye Wint       

Thank you, Sanjay, for giving me hope that each person as a professional is valued all over the world. - Kate Gubina

Sanjay is a very active man and he is very kind to the students. He is our hero and respectful teacher- Kyaw Zin Oo

He was my supervisor, every part of our study was efficient and valuable. He absolutely touched my life with his warm blooded communication and erudition. - Barış Çalışkan

Sanjay was not only a lecturer but the best coordinator for us. I share all my goodness to you and rest in peace.- Soe Yan Naung       

Sanjay  was a great teacher for me. He was my supervisor. His teaching method was unique and different but it changed the way I see the world. - Muhammad

You are not only the best teacher but unforgettable person for all of us forever- Aung Myo Htwe   

I will never forget the phrase that he said at the beginning of each pair, when we were on distance learning: "How are you people doing there?". Professor Sanjay was very polite and friendly towards everyone. Rest in peace.- Petr Goncharov

You will be in my heart forever.- Okkar Min       

Professor Sanjay was a man full of energy, enthusiasm and passion which he transmitted to us every lecture. I will be missing him. Rest in peace, dear professor.-Konstantin Dudukin

I love you and I will miss you forever.- Kyaw Zin Win      

This is absolutely unbelievable. My heart had pulsed upon seeing his photos on a friend's WhatsApp story. Professor Sanjay, while he lived, was full of life. You could read that from his eyes. A lecturer who from time to time visits his students in their dormitories to resonate with them in a friendly manner. I'm honestly out of words. Prof. Rest well. You're a good human. Forever in our hearts. I feel disappointed in life .- Wepari Ebenezer

Prof.Sanjay was like a friend to me, always ready to help in any situation. His method of teaching was unique,we will remember you forever.Umid Ergashev  Thank you for being so bright, kind, and wise; thank you for being my mentor and friend. You will be missed. - Anna Iagudina

Mr. Sanjay, I will always thank you for the knowledge, experience and wisdom that you gave me. I will always thank you for the optimism that you shared with everyone who happened to be around you (lucky we are!). And I will always thank you for the good friends that you introduced me to when I felt lonely. You will greatly be missed, Professor. — Rinat Tairov      

Querido Sanjay, honestly, it  took me so long to sit here and to write…knowing that you are  not able to read me anymore, despite that, I will allow myself to express my feelings here. I could write pages, listing all the things I've learned and embraced from you,  all the wisdom you have spread not just through your lectures,  lessons, theories, “your Amartya Sen’s capability approach” (that I will remember and use for ever)... all the papers, all the readings, all the shared folders, pictures,  moments, conferences, food, walks… Thank you for being there, to support, to encourage me, to help me out finding myself, and “my  life  research proposal”.  Last time we talked, I shared with you my experiences as a teacher for the last year. I've been  thinking of you in many of my classes, searching for the right thoughts, words, and paths to become a good teacher. Thank you for guidance,  you are light, and will be light, love, sense, and inspiration for me during this process. Your memory will  be eternal in my heart and soul, as your presence on earth reminds me how this world is full of kindness, love and beautiful beings as you. May your soul rest in peace and love, wonderful being. Eternal gratitude, Hugs to heaven, María José.