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Tag "conferences & seminars"

Illustration for news: The seminar devoted to Gender Issues in Humanitarian Actions by OxFam

The seminar devoted to Gender Issues in Humanitarian Actions by OxFam

The seminar devoted to Gender Issues in Humanitarian Actions organized by OxFam will take place November 19. The speaker is Edith Muluhya, Global Gender Adviser (Oxfam Global Humanitarian Team), lecture on Gender Issues. Also among the participants are students of “Population and Development” and “Political Analysis and Public Policy” programmes. 

Illustration for news: Human Rights Week 2018 at HSE

Human Rights Week 2018 at HSE

Higher School of Economics and Public Policy Department concluded its annual Human Rights Week on December 15th. The week-long event was filled with activities, discussions, film screenings, talks and debates, dealing with burning human rights issues in and across the world today: ranging from refugee rights to lives in conflict zones. Over the week of events, we had 20 expert speakers both from within Russia and abroad, including international human rights lawyer Karinna Moskalenko and leading human rights activist Svetlana Gannushkina.

Illustration for news: Youth Forum Сelac-Russia

Youth Forum Сelac-Russia

Students of Public Policy Department of School of Political Science HSE actively taking part in the preparations to the first ‘Youth forum Сelac-russia’. CELAC (Latin American and Caribbean Community) is an instrument to implement and strengthen regional participation in multilateral negotiation processes, extra-regional cooperation, and political dialogue towards the different challenges of the current economic, social and political system aiming at an equitable development (CELAC,2011)

Illustration for news: Seize the moment

Seize the moment

"Extracurricular student exercises and engagement outside the classroom I find profoundly profitable to both the institution and student. I have been a product of this from the dawn of studying here at the Higer School of Economics (HSE). Giving me the chance to take on significant responsibility for creating internship opportunity. This provided me with a depth of practical experience I would not have gained in the university" - by Etikini Rukevwe Claret, second-year student, about her internship opportunities during the study.

The Policy Visions of the Present Indian Government and the Regional Political Institutions

As part of the Global Political Economy course, on the 5th of April Mr. Nandan Unnikrisnan the Vice President of the Observer Research Foundation in India was invited to deliver a lecture on emergence of India in the global arena, the economic challenges India faces with development and how those challenges are reflected in the making of India's foreign policy

Illustration for news: Students visited the United Nations office in Russia

Students visited the United Nations office in Russia

February 16, Master’s students visited the United Nations office in Russia where they had a chance to get familiar with the activities of various UN agencies. In their presentations, representatives of UNDP, UN Information Centre, FAO, and UNAIDS covered the topics, such as the organisational structure of the agencies, previous and current projects in both Russia and abroad, and internship and job opportunities. The presentations were followed by Q&A sessions where the participants raised questions about the agencies’ perspectives on various issues and challenges

Illustration for news: CIAM-WYA Youth Synod Colloquium

CIAM-WYA Youth Synod Colloquium

The CIAM-WYA Synod Colloquium is a joint international conference hosted by Centro Internazionale Di Animazione Missionaria (CIAM), for the most outstanding members of World Youth Alliance in Vatican (Rome, Italy) held from 4 to 10 December 2017. Our student, Satria Rizaldi Alchatib ,  and 11 participants were chosen through a joint process of nomination and application.

Illustration for news: Observing the landscape of Policy Advisory System: Trends and the fluctuating influences

Observing the landscape of Policy Advisory System: Trends and the fluctuating influences

On 12 th  and 13 th  of October, Department of Public Policy did hosted the international Workshop on the subject of “Policy Advice in the comparative practice: From Shaping Political Discourse to Policy Change in Transitional and Developing Countries”. The event was planned in the closest collaboration with the IPSA and under the direct supervision of Prof Michael Howlett, the internationally acclaimed author and the Burnabay Mountain Chair, Department of Political Science at Simon Frazer University, Canada. Prof. Michael Howlett’s engagement with the Department of Public Policy is quite a long one and he has been the prominent member of the academic council of Public Policy Department.

Illustration for news: The Nordic Space and the Public Policy Department: an Annual Odyssey of ECPR in Oslo

The Nordic Space and the Public Policy Department: an Annual Odyssey of ECPR in Oslo

Representatives of HSE Public Policy Department participated in the 11th annual general conference of ECPR (European Consortium for Political Research) which was held from 6th to 9th of September 2017 at the Norwegian capital, Oslo. University of Oslo an academic Institution par excellence in the northern Europe is an eminent place of higher education in Norway for more than 200 years.  Hence Oslo became the Political scientist’s city for the four consecutive days when the scholars from all over Europe and across the Atlantic converged for their annual summitry of scholarship and research on the subject of Political science and added discipline.

Illustration for news: The Model United Nations Experience

The Model United Nations Experience

Students of the program, Peter Pantiushkin, Rukevwe Etikini Claret and Opubo Melford Dokubo Goodhead, are sharing his experiences of participation in the extremely prominent and peculiar Model of the United Nations that was held in Moscow,  April 2017.