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Youth Forum Сelac-Russia

Students of Public Policy Department of School of Political Science HSE actively taking part in the preparations to the first ‘Youth forum Сelac-russia’. CELAC (Latin American and Caribbean Community) is an instrument to implement and strengthen regional participation in multilateral negotiation processes, extra-regional cooperation, and political dialogue towards the different challenges of the current economic, social and political system aiming at an equitable development (CELAC,2011)

Students from several Russian universities within the framework of the achieved results and agreements of the XIX World Youth and Students Festival 2017 in Sochi, offered to organize the Ist Youth Forum of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean countries (CELAC) - Russia. This forum is held jointly with the Diplomatic Academy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia, Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas, The Young Guard, Peoples' friendship university, and the Higher School of Economics (HSE). It is conceived to last 4 (four) days, from November 13 to November 16, with working languages being Spanish, Russian and English. 

I always had a passion for the Latin American space and the Spanish language. For me CELAC is an opportunity to socialize with Latin Americans, to find more about their culture, and to share ideas with bright people from both sides of the ocean. It is also a forum where I can practise my skills in researching about global problems and attempt to find solutions. Working in a team is another valuable aspect of this experience; as well as being part of a very friendly and open community of bright young student.

Ludmila Dragalina Vranceanu (Moldova)
first-year master’s student at HSE, member of the Student council at the public policy department, and the organizing committee of CELAC.

 The content of the forum will be organized as discussions on specific topics within five committees:
1. Energy Integration Committee,
2. Committee on Security and Sovereignty, 
3. Committee on Trade and Investment,
4. Crisis Committee,
5. Committee for Cultural and Educational Relations. 

I couldn’t be more excited as an organizer. This is a unique opportunity not only for sharing knowledge but also for sharing culture and ideas. The first CELAC- Russia Youth Forum will go beyond boundaries.

Maria Luisa Claure Quiroga (Bolivia)
PhD student at Peoples’ Friendship University and member of CELAC Organizing Committee

The objectives of the CELAC Youth Forum are To provide a platform  for those who carry out political and organizational activities to strengthen ties between  Latin America, The Caribbean, and Russia, where different schemes of  integration can be implemented.
●  To facilitate  the articulation of efforts and complementarity between students residing in Russian territory and local youth.
●  To generate and promote a plurinational, multi-ethical, democratic and articulating discourse in the unrestricted struggle for the sovereignty and independence of the peoples of the world.
●  To Increase awareness within the student community about the need for organization and assume itself as a community of nations, capable to  the  dialogue, solidarity and to  reach the consensus on issues of common interest. 

I am honored to play an active role in this youth forum where young individuals come together to discuss solutions for critical world issues with a focus in the region of Latin America and The Caribbean Islands. I am hoping that the CELAC Youth Forum will serve as a progressive platform for us to showcase our abilities to come up with innovative and sustainable ideas and solutions

Vishmi Ranatunga (Sri Lanka)
2nd year master’s student at HSE, and member of the CELAC organizing committee

Students from the Public Policy Department and other faculties at HSE are actively working in the development of this event. 

To me be part of the youth forum CELAC-Russia 2018 represents a great opportunity to reinforce the link between the Russian and Latin American youth. I believe that this is an ideal space to develop platforms of discussion, collective thinking and create new strategies of integration and cooperation among the countries which are part of the forum. As a student of the Higher School of Economics, I understand the importance of this event; therefore, we have been working to offer the best of us and meet the academic requirements that this forum demands. We welcome you with open arms and looking forward to build up the brotherhood among our people

Diego Garcia (Mexico)
1st year master’s student in public policy at HSE, and member of the CELAC organizing committee.


Redacted by Maria Jose Benitez
edited by Vishmi Ranatunga, second year HSE master students.