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Illustration for news: How Experience of Studying at HSE has Fundamentally Changed the Views

How Experience of Studying at HSE has Fundamentally Changed the Views

'Students in our program come from various backgrounds, and I have cultivated invaluable friendships in these two years of studying. We had studied together, lived together, and had a lot of fun together. I will always carry these memories with me on my future journey to come'.  You Li, a graduate 2019 of Political Analysis and Public Policy, shares his study experience with us.

Illustration for news: The Romance between Knowledge and Wisdom: HSE - My Self-Treasured Paradise

The Romance between Knowledge and Wisdom: HSE - My Self-Treasured Paradise

The first adaptation days in Russia of Alchatib Satria Rizaldi were not easy. He used to live in Indonesia, a place where hospitality is a lifestyle which apparently in Moscow it is not obvious. The coldness of Russia's weather was seemed to equate the first treatment he received from the people he met randomly at the airport and public avenue. But during his 2-years study at Political Analysis and Public Policy program and HSE, the attitude has been changed and now he shares his experience with us.

Illustration for news: Exchange Opportunity with University of Turin

Exchange Opportunity with University of Turin

Public Policy Department is glad to announce a new opportunity for academic mobility with University of Turin Department of Law for our students. We are opening a competition for academic mobility with financial support for the participants (up to 3000 euro) kindly offered by our partners at UniTo. Deadline is March 15, 2019.

Illustration for news: Human Rights Week 2018 at HSE

Human Rights Week 2018 at HSE

Higher School of Economics and Public Policy Department concluded its annual Human Rights Week on December 15th. The week-long event was filled with activities, discussions, film screenings, talks and debates, dealing with burning human rights issues in and across the world today: ranging from refugee rights to lives in conflict zones. Over the week of events, we had 20 expert speakers both from within Russia and abroad, including international human rights lawyer Karinna Moskalenko and leading human rights activist Svetlana Gannushkina.

Illustration for news: Human Rights Week 2018

Human Rights Week 2018

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) is a milestone document which underpins the international human rights law and inspires us to continue to work to ensure all people can gain freedom, equality, and dignity. In 2018 UDHR turns 70! The students of the Master’s Program “Political Analysis and Public Policy” of the Higher School of Economics wants to celebrate this event with a week full of academic debates and discussions.

Illustration for news: Youth Forum Сelac-Russia

Youth Forum Сelac-Russia

Students of Public Policy Department of School of Political Science HSE actively taking part in the preparations to the first ‘Youth forum Сelac-russia’. CELAC (Latin American and Caribbean Community) is an instrument to implement and strengthen regional participation in multilateral negotiation processes, extra-regional cooperation, and political dialogue towards the different challenges of the current economic, social and political system aiming at an equitable development (CELAC,2011)

Illustration for news: Oxfam Workshop on Violence against Women

Oxfam Workshop on Violence against Women

On October 3rd and 4th Zorica Skakun, a gender coordinator for Oxfam GB in Yemen who provides support and leadership to ensure women's rights, presented two workshops on various aspects of violence against women for students of the programme "Political Analysis and Public Policy".

My Journey as a Public Policy Student at HSE

"I still remember the first day I landed in Moscow. It was autumn, the weather was slightly chilly and Moscow felt surprisingly familiar to me. It took me a good two weeks to finish all the paperwork (which was quite daunting in the beginning), after which I started feeling much more settled in Moscow. The program is truly international - I was amazed by the number of students from different countries such as Syria, Mexico, France, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Nigeria, Uzbekistan, Turkey, Kazakhstan and so many more." - by Sambhavna Biswas, alumni of the programme

Illustration for news: Seize the moment

Seize the moment

"Extracurricular student exercises and engagement outside the classroom I find profoundly profitable to both the institution and student. I have been a product of this from the dawn of studying here at the Higer School of Economics (HSE). Giving me the chance to take on significant responsibility for creating internship opportunity. This provided me with a depth of practical experience I would not have gained in the university" - by Etikini Rukevwe Claret, second-year student, about her internship opportunities during the study.

The Policy Visions of the Present Indian Government and the Regional Political Institutions

As part of the Global Political Economy course, on the 5th of April Mr. Nandan Unnikrisnan the Vice President of the Observer Research Foundation in India was invited to deliver a lecture on emergence of India in the global arena, the economic challenges India faces with development and how those challenges are reflected in the making of India's foreign policy