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Summary of Degree Programme

Field of Studies

40.04.01 Legal Studies

Approved by
Order on the approval of programs No. 6.18.1-01 / 1508-10 of 15.08.2014
HSE University Educational Standard
Last Update
28.08.2021, Meeting of the Academic Council No 1
Network Programme


Length of Studies, Mode of Studies, Credit Load

2 years

Full-time, 120

Language of instruction


Instruction in Russian with some courses in English

Qualification upon graduation


Double-degree Programme


Use of online learning

With online tools

Competitive Advantages

The Master's program "Public Law" is aimed at training high-quality practitioners - political leaders and analysts, career municipal and civil servants, deputies, judges and lawyers, employees of international organizations, lawyers handling cases related to public law relations, both domestic and international levels, and providing legal support for the relationship between business and government authorities; as well as scientists, whose fields of scientific interests, in one way or another, affect the problems of constitutionalism.

Competitive advantages of the program:

- a balanced combination of applied practical and fundamental theoretical orientation;

- an optimal set of disciplines that allow students to acquire a wide range of skills necessary for flexible orientation in the labor market and increasing competitiveness, necessary to start and activate a career in a variety of legal and related areas of professional activity;

- focusing training courses on the most pressing problems of public law, which allows students to acquire unique competencies and occupy professional niches that are promising in terms of career growth, high social significance, and opportunities for self-realization;

- a unique teaching staff, whose members are not only well-known scientists in the academic environment but also successful practitioners - lawyers and public figures who are ready to share their rich experience;

- close contacts with public authorities and large law firms, lawyers' associations and human rights organizations, representatives of the Russian and foreign university communities, expanding the sphere of professional communication of students and strengthening the chances of their professional growth.

Professional Activities and Competencies of Programme Graduates

The graduate of the master's program in Public Law has high-quality university training as a lawyer, capable of both practical and research activities.

Graduates of the program have high competencies in the analysis of the system of public authorities and their functioning; on the development of optimal solutions in order to improve legal regulation both in the sphere of organizing the public authority itself and in the sphere of the influence of public authorities on the most relevant segments of public relations; on participation in negotiation processes, as well as legal advice to participants in such processes; on the design of the optimal organizational and functional structure of public authorities.

In the process of studying under this program, the student acquires professional competencies necessary for the implementation of activities in the field of public administration, advocacy in public law; expert and consulting activities, consisting in the development of draft regulatory legal acts, preparation of opinions on draft legal acts and doctrinal interpretation of acts; organizational and managerial activity, for which the ability to make optimal managerial decisions and perceive managerial innovations is most important; research activities.

Programme Modules

The curriculum of the master's program provides serious professional training for lawyers for analytical and practical work in public law institutions. In order to increase the efficiency of the educational process and the formation of students' professional competencies, the educational program of the master's program "Public Law" provides for the inclusion of disciplines of the direction and the basic part of the cycle of disciplines of the program/specialization in the professional educational cycle.

The program contains courses that must be studied, as well as electives courses. Mandatory courses include not only basic disciplines studied in a classical lecture and seminar format but also research seminars with a theoretical focus, as well as projects and project seminars aimed at developing practical skills in lawmaking, law enforcement, analytical and advisory activities in teaching. The three courses of the program are taught in English.

The Practice block ensures the conduct of research work in the format of writing and term papers; project work on the scale of the university in the format of service, applied and research projects, as well as the passage of research practice.

The block summarizing the training is the writing and public defense of the master thesis and the passing of the state interdisciplinary exam.

Options for Students with Disabilities

This degree programme of HSE University is adapted for students with special educational needs (SEN) and disabilities. Special assistive technology and teaching aids are used for collective and individual learning of students with SEN and disabilities. The specific adaptive features of the programme are listed in each subject's full syllabus and are available to students through the online Learning Management System.

Programme Documentation

All documents of the degree programme are stored electronically on this website. Curricula, calendar plans, and syllabi are developed and approved electronically in corporate information systems. Their current versions are automatically published on the website of the degree programme. Up-to-date teaching and learning guides, assessment tools, and other relevant documents are stored on the website of the degree programme in accordance with the local regulatory acts of HSE University.

I hereby confirm that the degree programme documents posted on this website are fully up-to-date.

Vice Rector Sergey Yu. Roshchin

Summary of Degree Programme 'Public Law'

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