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Can I apply for the HSE master's programme in retail Management?
Any citizen of Russia and a foreign country who has a bachelor's, specialist's or master's degree can enroll in the HSE master's program, as the program does not use budgetary funds, You can enroll in it even if you already have a master's degree.
This year I was already enrolled in HSE in a different Department, but failed to score, can I flip the papers and to participate in the contest this year?
Yes! The "second wave" of the admission campaign continues until August 15, inclusive, if you did not pass within the first wave, you should collect a portfolio and try again on the program "retail Management"
I have a diploma of previous education received in another area of training (specialty), can I apply for the program?
Yes. You can enter the master's program with any diploma. This is one of the advantages of a master's degree. Of course, some knowledge in the field of management, marketing and Economics will be an advantage, but even if You have not studied it before, You will be able to successfully learn, as additional adaptation disciplines will be organized for You.
Can I apply for a budget place?
Unfortunately not. The program is implemented at the expense of students, which guarantees a high level of teachers and motivation of students to gain knowledge.
What is the cost of training on the master's program "Management in retail" on a contractual basis?
The cost of training for the 2023/24 academic year is 480 000 rubles per year. You or Your legal representative may receive a tax deduction of 13% (62400) on tuition under the Tax code of the Russian Federation. 
Is this a full-time master's program? I will be able to work in parallel?
Yes, this is a full-time program and it is subject to all benefits of higher education in Russia (postponement from the army, providing a place in a hostel for nonresidents, tax deductions). At the same time, the schedule of the program is made in such a way as to take into account the wishes of students. 
Where will the classes be held?
Training takes place (Shabolovka street, 28 ) in walking distance from the subway. Classes begin on weekdays at 18 o'clock or on Saturdays.
Can this program be considered as a "second higher"?
According to the current legislation, the magistracy is the second stage of higher education. Applicants of the program are persons who have received a full higher education (qualified as "bachelor", "specialist", "certified specialist" or "master") and want to get a second (or subsequent) higher education or decided to radically change the educational trajectory in the master's degree. The term "second higher" is somewhat outdated, it is more correct to say the second stage of higher education. 
I am a citizen of Russia, but I have a bachelor's / master's degree from a foreign University. Can I apply for the retail Management program?
You can, but only on condition that your diploma will be recognized as an appropriate level of Russian diploma of this level of training. This requirement applies to all graduates of foreign universities, regardless of their citizenship. At the same time, the requirement of nostrification does not apply to higher education diplomas obtained in the States with which the Russian Federation has agreements on the recognition and equivalence of education documents, as well as issued by universities from the list established by the order of the Government of The Russian Federation "On approval of the list of foreign educational organizations that issue documents on education and (or) qualifications recognized in the territory of the Russian Federation".
I am a citizen of a foreign country. Can I apply for the retail Management program?
Yes? you can. The program provides 5 places for foreigners. However, please note that the training is conducted in Russian, respectively, You should know it at a sufficient level. 
How many seats on the program?
This program is planned to enroll 45 students (including 5 - citizens of other countries)..
What are the entrance tests for the master's program "Management in retail"?
Applicants are selected based on the documents submitted by candidates in their portfolios. More details can be found here https://www.hse.ru/en/ma/retail/tracks/