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! HSE and Skoltech full-time students have to undertake an internship according to the regulations in a partner university.
Reports must be submitted to Skoltech.

! HSE-only full-time students and Skoltech visiting students have to undertake an internship according to the HSE regulations described below.
Reports must be submitted to Ilona Yakovleva - a program manager.

The curriculum of the "Statistical Training Theory" master's programme consists of the following types work:

  • Industrial/scientific-research internship (in Summer-Autumn between 1st and 2nd year of study)


General Information

All SLT students have to pass the Scientific and Research Internship.

Students can do the Internship at the Faculty of Computer Science of the Higher School of Economics or in external organizations. 

The internship may consist of (but not limited to):

  • implementation of a research project on the subject of a master's thesis;
  • preparation of a scientific article on a topic related to a master's thesis;
  • work on other research tasks.

Deadline and Instructions

The internship takes place within any 2 weeks in the period from 01.07.2020 to 18.10.2020.

Before the internship 

  • choose a place, topic and the supervisor of an internship.
You can ask your coursework supervisor or perspective thesis supervisor to give you an internship assignment or get a task from the company
  • together with the supervisor of the internship submit the internship schedule and assignment (to be signed by the student and the direct supervisor)
  • submit your assignment in in google-form before June 29, 2020 (hard copies of your assignment and schedule should be submitted with the report in October).

 If your internship is not held in HSE, please attach a Contract with an external company. 

 ! If the company where you plan to practice has already signed a contract with the FCS, you don't need to do it again.

Contract Register FCS 2020

Not later than October 23, 2020 are students to submit to the study office the following documents:

  • the original internship assignment and plan
  • internship report   
  • review of the supervisor  
The criterion for the successful accomplishment of the internship is a positive review of the supervisor. 

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