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Core courses and Electives

At Science of Learning and Assessment you have a chance to build your personal trajectory within the program, engaging with the core and elective courses, as well as HSE's famous MagoLego electives - a multidisciplinary university-wide offering of courses.

Core courses

  • Psychometric Theories and Analysis of Test Items (offered in English)
  • Statistics I (offered in English)
  • Test and Questionnaire Development in Psychology and Education (offered in English)
  • Introduction to R and Python (offered in English)
  • Machine Learning I (offered in English)
  • Qualitative and Quantitative Research Methods in Psychology (offered in English)
  • Developmental Science (offered in English)

  • Advanced Psychometrics and the Basics of Computational Psychometrics (offered in English)
  • Machine Learning II (offered in English)
  • Social and Emotional Development (offered in English)
  • Typical and Atypical Development (offered in English)
  • Cognitive development (offered in English)
  • Advance Developmental Methods (offered in English)

Free electives (aka MagoLego)
  • HR Assessment
  • Introduction to Psychology
  • Intro to Probability Theory
  • Learning analytics
  • Ethics for Psychologists
  • Causal Analysis in Education
  • National and International Educational Studies
  • ...and many others available at HSE.