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Programme Overview

Our benefits

• based management studies of two interdependent areas: business and policy;

• strong academic foundation and practice- oriented learning;

• multicultural, collaborative environment - a step towards an international career;

• individual mentoring on request;

• opportunity to learn from academics, major businessmen and politicians;

• personal and professional development;

• opportunity to practice acquired knowledge in ISSEK and partner organizations.


What do we study

Courses are copyright based on the latest research results in the field of science, technology and innovation management and policy and unique practical experience of teachers.

Key courses

• Project Seminar ‘Innovation and Transformation: from Idea to Presentation’

• Seminar of the Mentor ‘Scientific Research Methods for STI‘

Basic disciplines provide the most important competencies in the field of science, technology and innovation management including:

Main courses 

• Innovation Management;
• Measurement of R&D;
• Measurement of Innovation;
• STI Policy. Basics;
• STI Policy. Domains;
• Foresight Theory and Concepts;
• Innovation Project Management;
• Intellectual Property Management;
• Economics of Innovation. Basic.

Elective courses

You choose from a range of courses offered those you meet your interest and career ambitions most:

• Finance of Innovation;
• Economics of Innovation
• Industry 4.0;
• Technology Policy;
• Geography of Innovation;
• The Future of Energy;
• Applied Foresight;
• Corporate Foresight;
•Managing Creativity and Innovation;
•Ecosystems of Innovation and Entrepreneurship;
•Competitive Intelligence;
•Responsible Business and Sustainable Development;
•Business Model Innovation in Energy Engineering;
•Digital Product Development.










What skills do we acquire

During the studies you master four types of activities: management, research, design, entrepreneurship and you get:

• strong portfolio due to participation in projects and solving large-scale tasks, whether it is a business or a scientific project;

• professional contacts in Russia and abroad, promising contacts with potential employers;

• analyze data and prepare management decisions based on them;

• conduct research in the field of management;

• create and manage your own project.

Where you can apply it

• National, Federal and Regional Authorities

• Development institutes and scientific foundations

• Research universities, centers, organizations

• Large innovative projects of national importance

• Research and innovation centers of international companies

• Foreign and Russian consulting companies

• International organizations