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Here you can read what our graduates say about their studying experience and achievements. 

Alexander Kalita, programme graduate (Russia):

During my studies in bachelor programme «Sociology» at HSE, I was involved in the analysis of factors that influence the innovation performance of SMEs. This topic was very interesting for me and I decided to continue my studies in the area. Master`s programme “Governance of Science, Technology and Innovation” offered an opportunity to explore not only the fundamental theoretical assumptions of intra-firm innovation performance, but also take into account the importance of the external environment, specifically, the role of the government, universities and research institutions, and business for adoption and commercialization of innovation in the marketplace.

The benefits of the Master`s programme “Governance of Science, Technology and Innovation” is that the studies are organized to have a comprehensive approach to STI domain. It is crucially important not to focus on a single perspective, but to discuss the whole system. Moreover, the group projects were very productive, in particular when we had assignments with essays and presentations. It was interesting to work with students that have diverse educational backgrounds. This is a useful experience that will definitely be important for further professional activities.

In the second year of the Master`s programme, I applied to the HSE Doctoral School of Management in the profile programme devoted to innovation management field. There would be a specific focus on the economic aspect of innovations in the Doctoral programme. It is particularly essential to have an in-depth understanding of the economic models and applied methodologies that could be used to distinguish the specifics of innovation performance in the enterprises.


Shashank Pant, programme graduate (India):
As a student during my schooling and undergraduate studies, I came across the strong historical Indo-Russian relations. A long time ago I made up my mind tha
t I would visit the fascinating land of Russia. My decision to pursue the Master's Programme in Governance of Science, Technology and Innovation was taken at the right time, as it provided me with a great opportunity to explore the Russian culture and the country in detail while studying. The programme has all the courses which are somehow related to my educational background and my area of interest. HSE offers the best faculty a

nd facilities to pursue your dream career.

Whenever I tell my friends and colleagues that I am studying in Russia, the amazement and surprise on their faces is a sight to behold. Since moving to Moscow, the journey has been full of surprises and some great experiences which I will cherish the rest of my life.

Syed Ali Nawaid Alam, programme graduate (Pakistan):

Selecting the Master’s programme was one of the most serious decisions which later became a new turn in my life. After I was admitted to the programme with a full tuition fee scholarship and arrived in Moscow, I realized that it is one the best universities in Russia with a high reputation and international orientation. 
A combination of my Bachelor’s degree in engineering and Master’s degree in STI is very fruitful for my future career, as having both technical background and managerial skills would be highly appreciated in the innovative sector. The best part of the programme is its multidisciplinary nature and the programme is specially designed for all diversified groups because being an Innovator is highly admired and demanded in every kind of organizations. Before coming to this programme, I had very limited knowledge of Innovation and Management things, but I am truly grateful to all the Professors who greatly helped me to get real practical knowledge during this Master's programme. Because of this Knowledge, I participated in various Foresight events at WFYS2017 but the most unforgettable moment is a meeting with Mr. President because of my active participation in various educational and foresight events.

Joshua Levy, programme graduate (Great Britain):

“Governance of Science, Technology and Innovation” is the first of its kind postgraduate programme which offers a “research and management” mixed approach, whilst delivering the “start of the art”. This programme exactly defines and gives in-depth understanding of what is “innovation”. What I liked and, most important, learnt, was the tools needed for foresight, in simple words, technology forecasting. The research methods taught, together with government and non-government initiatives undertaken to promote technology and innovation, have been an invaluable lesson for me that furthermore counts as an asset. Additionally, I liked the opinions and statistics offered within the European, Russian and American perspectives about STI, delivered by exchange and visiting professors that have enabled me to get broader understanding of the same. 
Given the employment experience I have undertaken within Skolkovo and other places within Russia and combined with my knowledge gained from this postgraduate course, I anticipate myself working within an analyst's position that focuses on Research and Development concerning upcoming technological trends with a view of becoming a CIO (Chief Information Officer) in the future. 
During my time spent within HSE, I have amassed vast knowledge and experience of the Russian education system and absorbed the international stance of the university. This is explicitly evident in both academic and cultural aspects of the university. The international students support office together with the admissions office offers several opportunities for foreign students to experience the “Real Russia” throughout the year. Every week various excursions, meetups and social activities are planned and all students, regardless of their nationality, are encouraged to participate.  
In conclusion, I would honestly state that my time spent at HSE has been one of the best times ever spent in my life. Given the university’s ranking in the QS 100 world table and combined with my experience outlined above, it has enabled me to embrace “Russia” in several ways.

Ozan Guler, programme graduate (Turkey):

There are many things which I like about this Master's programme. First of all, this is the high quality of the programme contents and the academic staff, in particular, we have many guest lecturers from various prestigious universities around the world. Secondly, the programme curriculum is well-structured, for instance, I am really impressed with the design of the courses and well-organized studying hours. We always have evening classes, so that you can benefit from free time before the classes. 
As I obtained my Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics, I was not familiar with presentations and group work. However, I could improve my social skills while preparing these course assignments. I think it is one of the most important achievements during my studying at HSE. 
I also had a unique opportunity to work with respected and recognized professors during my internship at ISSEK
. I really enjoyed working with ISSEK research fellows and learnt a lot of things from them which will definitely become a good contribution to my knowledge and skills.  No doubt, after graduation I would like to work in an international company where I can elaborate all acquired skills.  Finally, I must say that it is a perfect opportunity to study in the centre of Moscow, a dynamic capital city where you can get a real pleasure from every day of your studying. 


Gerardo Manzano, programme graduate (Mexico):

The Master's programme "Governance of  Science, Technology and Innovation" is a very flexible and well-balanced programme which allows me to go deeply into the topics I am interested in. What is also very important is that the Institute for Statistical Studies and Economics of Knowledge has a good reputation and well qualified researchers in some key areas, such as Foresight.  
On the one hand, I do like that I have plenty of opportunities for research and there is always a person who can guide me towards the right direction. On the other hand, the programme prepares students to confront the realities of the world, so that students are well prepared to start working as soon as they finish their studies. This combination is very palpable, as I can see myself and the other students already engaging with different institutions and getting substantial achievements. 
Once I learnt about an opportunity to apply for an intership in the Center for Social Innovation in Vienna, I did it without hesitation. One of the most fascinating things is that I could make a real contribution  there - it was always a real pleasure to get involved in all aspects of work and apply my previous work experience. The working environment was international which allowed me, not only as a proffesional but as a person, to get to know different ways of collaborating, thinking and developing projects; this is really important in innovations because the more we are open, the more we can do for innovation.
After my graduation I am planning to apply to a PhD programme where I can continue doing research and learning about innovation with the main focus on social aspects. I am also open to an opportunity of working at institutions which specialize in helping communities, institutions and businesses to change and transform the use and impact of technologies in society. 
I can name a lot of my achievements at HSE, such as getting an internship in one of the most important centers for social inovation in the world, the possibility of publishing students’ best book reviews in ISSEK Foresight journal and  the positive feedback I got on my term paper which can become a good contribution to the current literature on innovations if I keep on working on it. But there is one thing which I am particularly proud of  -  the education in this field, which marks a shift in my career, combined with my previous professional background and work experience, gives me better understanding of how to use my knowledge and skills.
People often ask me: "Why Russia?" Russia has always had a good reputation in science and education. I found out that HSE has one of the Russia’s finest academic research centers in economics, management, sociology, public policy and computer science. Besides, getting education in Russia offers a very interesting world perspective while enjoying an authentic culture. One should consider that education is becoming more homogeneous, which means that today researchers, lecturers, experts are invited to give lectures in one part of the world and next week they are on the other side of the planet.  From that perspective, Russia follows this exciting trend in many fields of knowledge. 

Tuohetijiang Baiheti, programme graduate (China):

I think the Master's programme "Governance of  Science, Technology and Innovation"  is one of the best socially oriented programmes, as it is not focused on economics or politics only but serves as a a study platform in social, economic and political areas. 
The programme taught me how to handle issues from multiple aspects.
 I studied entirely new subjects and broadened my horizon; I aqcuired solid knowledge in both social  and natural sciences. Moreover, I learnt how to conduct scientific research which gave me confidence in the future success.
My internship at ISSEK was closely related to what I learnt in our programme and provided me with a nice opportunity to use my theoretical knowledge in practice. In addition, it was flexible in many aspects and paved my way to innovative thinking.
So far  I haven't made up my mind about my future career. If I find a position in an international company in the related field, I will apply for a job there. If I  find a relevant PhD programme, I will try to get a PhD. No doubt, I would like to be involved in research rather than in business. 
Finally, I can say HSE seems to be one of the most open learning environments in Russia. Although Russia is not an English speaking country,  I improved my level of English significantly here due to studying on the English-taught Master's programme.