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Information for applicants in the 2021 academic year

We know how important and disturbing the admission process is, so we tried to collect for you in one material the most necessary information about the Master's programme "Governance of Science, Technology and Innovation".

Daniil Prokofiev

The importance of innovation in the modern world continues to grow rapidly from year to year. Sustainable economic development, the introduction of new technologies and the effectiveness of the innovation policy of companies directly depend on the skills of employees.

Governance of Science, Technology and Innovation programme aims to inspire professionals to master the language of technology, preparing them to use properly the resources necessary for strategic thinking and planning to shape the future, as well as to ensure and lead the continuous pace of technology development and integrate them into the strategy of various organizations at the global level.

There are three main trajectories of admission:

Admission tests. Portfolio contest and interview with the Admissions committee.

Olympiads for students and graduates. (Major League, Open Doors).

The program for obtaining higher and additional education in Russia (Rossotrudnichestvo).

Already in the middle of winter, a series of webinars for applicants to the Master's programme started. We tried to answer the most important questions that concern each applicant.

  • 01:45 Information about the programme.

    Who is appropriate for this educational direction and what future students will do.

  • 26:12 Double Degree programme.

    A second-year student of the Double Degree Programme with Seoul National University, Daria Leontieva talks about the benefits of studying at two universities, cultural and educational experiences.

  • 51:24 The possibility of an early invitation to admission.

    Dzhamilya Sabirova, the manager of the educational programme, talks about the possibilities of an early invitation.

Mentoring Programme

Also in 2020, the Master's Programme "Governance of Science, Technology and Innovation" launched a Mentoring programme for first-year students.

The full speech of Valeriya Vlasova about the programme is available on the video

Founder of the Startup Research Bureau startupfairy.ru Alena Protasova, a graduate of the ISSEK Master's programme "Governamce of Science, Technology and Innovation", gave advices that will be useful for admission, during education and after graduation. For each of the blocks, Alena, based on her experience, pointed out the main mistakes that she made, and important points that should be paid more attention to. The final part of the speech is devoted to Alena's personal career experience.

We also collected cards with the questions that we most often received from you.

What should be the motivation letter?

Is it possible to apply for Double Degree Programme without IELTS/TOEFL certificates?

Is it possible to study successfully for people who work full time?

Is there any financial support during the Double Degree Programme?

If suddenly, you have not found the answer to your question, register for the webinar for applicants, which will be held on June 9 at 18: 00 (Moscow) or write to us by email stigovernance@hse.ru.

Good luck with your admission!