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Double Degree Programme partners:

1. Technische Universität Berlin (Germany)
With almost 34 000 students, 100 course offerings and 40 Institutes, the historic Technische Universität Berlin is one of Germany’s largest and most internationally renowned technical universities. Located in Germany’s capital city – at the heart of Europe – outstanding achievements in research and teaching, imparting skills to excellent graduates, and a modern service-oriented administration characterize TU Berlin.

2. Maastricht University (The Netherlands)
Maastricht University (UM) is the most international university in the Netherlands and, with more than 16,000 students and 4,000 employees, is still growing. The university stands out for its innovative education model, international character and multidisciplinary approach to research and education.Thanks to its high-quality research and study programmes as well as a strong focus on social engagement, UM has quickly built up a solid reputation. Today it is considered one of the best young universities in the world.

3. Seoul National University (Republic of Korea)
The SNU College of Engineering aims to foster leaders in global industry and society. In CoE, professors from all over the world are applying their passion for education and research. Graduates of the college are taking on important roles in society as the CEOs of conglomerates, founders of venture businesses, and prominent engineers, contributing to the country’s industrial development. Globalization is the trend of a new era, and engineering in particular is a field of boundless competition and cooperation. The role of engineers is crucial to our 21st century knowledge and information society, and engineers contribute to the continuous development of Korea toward a central role on the world stage. CoE, which provides enhanced curricula in a variety of major fields, has now become the environment in which future global leaders are cultivated.

Student Exchange Programme partners:

1. University of Bremen (Germany)
Roughly 23,000 people are currently active as students, teachers, researchers, or employees of the University of Bremen. It has become one of Germany`s eleven top universities of excellence. It is the science center of Northern Germany, renowned for its strengths in the sciences and engineering disciplines, as well as the humanities and the social sciences. For many years now, the University of Bremen has been among the  top league  of German universities in the area of research. Since June 2012, the University of Bremen is entitled ‘University of Excellence’.  Round about twenty thousand students from 120 different countries have chosen to study here. 

2. Middle East Technical University (Turkey)
Middle East Technical University (METU), a state university founded in 1956, currently has about 26,500 students. Undergraduate and graduate students from many countries attend a semester or a year-round at METU as "Special Student" or "Exchange Student". Since its foundation, METU, as an international research university, has been the leading university in Turkey in terms of depth and breadth of international ties and the amount of funds generated from international research projects.  METU hosts over 1,700 international students from nearly  94  different countries studying toward myriad of academic degrees.

3. Seoul National University (Republic of Korea)
Seoul National University was f
ounded in 1946 as the first national university of Korea and now it annually hosts more than 28,000 enrolled students and more than 700 exchange international students. The University is regularly placed among the top 50 universities in QS World University Rankings and Asian University Rankings.

4. Maastricht University (The Netherlands)
According to Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2018, Maastricht University occupied 103th position in the world rank. QS World University Rankings2017/18 ranked Maastricht University as the 200th best university in the world, while Academic Ranking of World Universities (or Shanghai Ranking) counted Maastricht among the world's top 300 universities, since 2011

Internship organisations hosting students since 2014:

1. Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development
2. Institute for Statistical Studies and Economics of Knowledge, HSE
3. Russian Venture Company
4. Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation
5. Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation
6. Hevel Solar
7. Moscow Agency of Innovations
8. SkoTech

Graduate job placements since programme inception:

1. Deloitte
2. Microsoft Russia
3. Philips
4. Nestle
5. Moscow State University
6. Innopolis University 
7. Mercedes Benz Russia
8. Federal Institute of Industrial Property
9. Institute for Statistical Studies and Economics of Knowledge, HSE
10. Polytechnic University of Puebla, Mexico
11. University Carlos III of Madrid, Spain 
12. Hannover Medical School, Germany