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Student Profiles

Here you can read what our students say about the programme, their achievements and living experience in Moscow.

Canberk Turkec, 1st year Master student (Turkey)

I graduated from Economics at Istanbul Commerce University. I also started to work in my bachelor. However, the most excellent opportunity for me is that to work on a project which is related to science, technology, and innovation. The purpose of the project is to estimate innovation level of TRC1 region in Turkey. It made me curious about innovation. Hereafter, I read as many as possible papers and books about innovation and tried to find some supportive opportunities in order to engage STI in practice. I saw the results of this request after graduation. I was a part of the writing of technology transfer office project for a university to apply for Istanbul Development Agency. After that, I worked on another project for a year that is related to migration and social innovation.
The experience in practice was an outstanding facility to improve me. However, I also wanted to develop myself theoretically to be a talented academician in the international area because I aim to combine the information which I learned in practice with academic knowledge. For this reason, I interested in technology and innovation programs in international universities. As a result of my deep research, I realized that National State University Higher School of Economics provides one of the best science, technology and innovation program under Institute for Statistical Studies and Economics of Knowledge (ISSEK). Besides, the rank of the university in the international ranking system impressed me.
I was fascinated by professors who are experts in their field after I started the program. Moreover, the structure of the program gains some skills on research, presentation and also deep STI knowledge. Interactive courses also play a crucial role in my development process during the first year, mainly to learn STI in practice.
Another impressive thing in the program is the interest of professors in student improvements. My supervisor was really helpful and strictly interested in supporting my improvement. I started to work with him during my term paper which is about “Big Data Analysis in Foresight”. He also let me continue to work with him as an assistant for another projects and papers. This university and department will be an essential breakpoint in my life when I realize my dreams.

Jing Cao, 1st year Master student (China)

I studied in the MSU as an exchange student during my junior year. I had a lot of friends from HSE during my first stay in Moscow – we used to go to some conferences or events together and they were always telling me that their school is very international and cool. Then when I started to choosing master’s program I took HSE into account and put it as my priority. On the one hand, I don’t want to give up my Russian still want to practice more, on the other hand, considering my future career plan, English program is more practical and useful for me.
I really like that we go in diverse directions in our lectures or seminars. All classes or discussions with my group mates inspire me a lot and always open my mind to find some novel ideas or insights. Our program is very research based – in fact, I’ve already started working on my paper topic. Now I am working in ISSEK as an intern assisting develop the big data system of Chinese language. I do interested in AI, Big data, technology and innovation etc. and I plan to work for the think tank or technology companies/startups after master study. Even I am dreaming to launch my own project if everything prepared. In our STI program, you will learn how to foster your soft skills which are exactly useful during your future work. I am really happy with my choice. 


Valentin Hippolyte Bereyziat, 1st year Master student (France)

In order to become as performant as possible and achieve my objectives, I trust science, management, industrial and economy classes should be the foundations of my study. It is litterally what HSE programm Governance of Science, Innovation and Technoly offers. Having said this, I also believe to develop my skills and competences and support my ambition to improve communications between science, technology, economy to potentially anticipate future issues of the modern world.
But, more than just helping me reaching my goals, HSE offers me international perspectives and possibilities to improve my theoretical knowledge and professional experiences by asking both an internship and a thesis, supported by seminars and team projects.
In addition, HSE offers the opportunity of a Double Degree Programme with any of their partners school across the world which immediately convinced and attracted me. I am happy to be part of the TUB program this year, and therefore benefit from a double Diploma at the end of my scholarship, and also pushing further my international experience.
I strongly believe that the Masters programme will help me to achieve my future goals and career aspirations.


Anastasia Loktionova, 2nd year Master student (Russia)

The choice of the master's program "Management in the field of STI" at the beginning of the fourth bachelor year was for me uncontested. I can definitely say that the direction itself touched me at some deep level and attracted my attention. For me it was important to understand what can be offered to Russia at the level of innovation policy, what else can be done to improve our position and why something is not working.
Considering how much I thought about it, writing the Olympiad (which I actually entered) did not become a big challenge - I just wrote what I thought in the context of the theories that I already knew while studying in Management.
This program has several definite advantages: 1) classes pass in the evening, which allows you to work and grow professionally, at the same time getting academic knowledge, 2) this is an English-language program (you will not forget a foreign language, even if you try hard), 3) there are students from a variety of countries that maximizes the cultural horizons.
It is worth noting that it is very difficult to combine work and study, and you should set priorities for yourself, to distribute time and workload. For a while, I lived in the 5x12 work week mode, which is physically difficult. But the result is not even a top education, which you will definitely get, but overcoming yourself and searching for the limits of your possibilities - after that no burdens and difficulties are terrible.
The program is developing by leaps and bounds, and I am glad to be part of this process.

Raisa Mykhailychenko, 2nd year Master student (Ukraine)

I learned about the Master’s programme “Governance of Science, Technology and Innovation (STI)” during my visit in Moscow in October 2016, when I attended the HSE ISSEK Foresight Conference. During the Conference, I was very impressed by the wealth of knowledge and experience in the science, technology and innovation policy and foresight at ISSEK.
Having a background in innovation management and policy fields, I decided to expand my knowledge and skills in developing a long-term strategy in the field of science, technology and innovation and, particularly, in foresight.
Looking at the similar programmes in Europe and other countries, I considered that the Master's programme “Governance of STI” is one of the best in its field, thanks to its rich curriculum, excellent academic team and extensive networks with other universities around the world.
In addition, the Master’s programme combines theoretical knowledge and practical experience; as well as quantitative and qualitative methods in order to understand, explore and analyze STI with a long-term perspective.
Due to the fact that the programme attracts a wide variety of students from different disciplines and countries, during my studies I had a great opportunity to exchange knowledge and collaborate with other fellow students with diverse backgrounds. Through my curiosity, creativity and hard work, I have gained invaluable knowledge and experience.
Furthermore, the Master's programme has opened up new job opportunities for me. During my studies, I worked as a consultant at Deloitte. Through my work experience in Deloitte, I appreciated the crucial role of the framework conditions for effective and efficient innovation systems through the instruments for upgrading and developing enterprises and supporting institutions for competitiveness both at the global and national levels.
Thanks to the Master's programme and my work experience, I gained a good understanding of innovation systems and their core elements including governments, industry and business, research, and broader society; and the role of governments in creating an ecosystem for the development of private sector with large companies and SMEs by enabling investment and collaboration for STI development.
As part of my internship, I worked at the Russian Venture Company and contributed to the development of the Roadmap for “Energynet“. This was a very exciting opportunity to work with high-level professionals and experts. During the internship, I was able to practice the knowledge I gained through the Master’s programme and established myself as a specialist, which gave me opportunities for further employment.
As I complete the Master’s programme, I wish to increase my knowledge, skills and competence in the fields of STI policy and governance, and become a Researcher in the STI policy and foresight fields in a highly recognized academic institution like HSE, international organizations like OECD and United Nations, or leading corporations.


Nicolae Lungu, 2nd year Master student (Republic of Moldova):

I chose the Governance of STI course at Higher School of Economics simply because I found out that it is the best program on this subject in Russia. In addition, the University and the degree program have an international reputation for education and research, with a strong global emphasis and numerous academic awards. In particular, the course was designed to offer many job opportunities. In fact, after graduation, my plan is to work in a company interested in developing or improving its innovation department, with the aim of gaining valuable experience in markets and businesses.
Being an international student is a unique experience. In a very short time, I adapted to the change of language, culture and climate. Until now I have learned a lot, not only academically but also personally; I made many friends and met many places. I feel much more confident in myself, of my strength and more prepared for the near future. Studying here was the best decision I ever made. The best thing about living in Moscow is to experience a big city with a cultural diversity. In this way, you feel involved with the city, and you can try many different traditions and foods. It is a lively city with lots to do.
If you are thinking of studying at the Higher School of Economics, make the decision and do it without hesitation. You will not regret. About the course, you need to know that you can trust its academic quality and you will have constant support during the study. In addition, you will acquire the responsibility of giving the best of yourself to contribute to the continuous improvement of Governance of STI.

Olga Dremova, 2nd year Master student (Russia):

My way to become a Master's programme student wasn’t that smooth - I didn’t succeed to enroll in it the first time due to my uncertain statement of motivation. However, I didn’t give up the idea of pursuing Master’s degree at HSE as it provides good opportunities for creating high-level professionals. By the time the new enrollment process started, I had already gained significant work experience and created a clear vision of how this programme could help me to boost my career.
Now I’m finishing my second module and feeling enthusiastic about my studies. The programme inspires by its advanced curriculum that covers modern topics and future trends in STI. It also gives an opportunity to build extensive networks and to broaden the horizons by bringing together students with different backgrounds from all over the world. I have a great chance to study in an international environment being present in Russia as all the courses are taught in English.
I think, this programme is a good choice for those who want to deepen their knowledge on STI management, to balance current work and studies or to move their career in a new direction by getting some enlightening ideas. So my advice for the freshmen: make your motivation personal and clear, be prepared to justify it during the interview and never give up on your goals.

As a young African, it has been my aspiration to continue my study in the area of science, technology and innovation which is becoming highly demanding in the 21st century economy.  I also wanted to study in the field which was relatively new with a little representation of professionals around the world. Therefore, I have chosen the “Governance of Science, Technology and Innovation” Master’s programme as an interesting and good opportunity to broaden my view of the world concerning development and solutions to problems. With a lot of lectures and seminars from visiting professors and experts from around the world, this programme provides an international perspective and best practices in the field of technology management and innovation.