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Illustration for news: "Hard work! The best idea for your business is to start working. Just make small steps every day towards your dream".

"Hard work! The best idea for your business is to start working. Just make small steps every day towards your dream".

Last May, Katerina Shipilova, the graduate of ‘Governance of Science, Technology and Innovation' Masters’ Programme, told us about her experience of launching a paper collection start-up ‘MK Service’. After the graduation Katerina launched one more project: Walk&Talk Tours – walking tours in English. This time we asked her about the differences of touristic business, development plans and some tips for starting you one enterprise.

Illustration for news: A year in Germany at Double Degree Programme: "Test yourself"

A year in Germany at Double Degree Programme: "Test yourself"

We spent about 10 months in Germany, the first two semesters of the Double Degree Master's Program of the Higher School of Economics and the Technische Universität Berlin (TUB). We would like to tell you about the program and about our first year in Berlin in particular.  Our education is dedicated to innovation studies. We learn to conduct research of the infrastructure of innovation, economic policy and business support measures, technology development, technology management in large and small companies and high-tech entrepreneurship. The program in Berlin is called Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship, the program in Moscow is Governance of Science, Technology and Innovation. The programs of partner universities successfully complement each other, but there are more reasons to choose the Double Degree apart from coordinating study plans.

Illustration for news: "Master’s Programme in STI at HSE has been a major turning point in my career"

"Master’s Programme in STI at HSE has been a major turning point in my career"

One word that sums up my journey in Russia so far is “spectacular”. It can say that “the Master’s Programme in STI at HSE has been a major turning point in my career”. The three main opportunities that the Master’s Programme has provided me are, prospect of an exciting career through a multidisciplinary programme, develop myself as a researcher in field of science, technology and innovation, study in an environment that has global perspective.

7th Annual International Academic Conference Foresight and STI Policy

On November 1–2, 2017, Higher School of Economics will host its 7 th  Annual International Academic Conference "Foresight and STI Policy" organised by HSE Institute for Statistical Studies and Economics of Knowledge. This year, the conference will be devoted to the role of society in search for grand responses to grand challenges.

Master’s Degree, what next?

On June 30, at the graduation ceremony students of the ISSEK Master's programme"Governance of Science, Technology and Innovation" will meet up to go separate ways after. It is interesting, what paths will they choose? We present one of the 42 career tracks of the students of the 2017 graduation class - the story of Daria Kuzmina, who has recently started working at the International Association of Public Transport (Brussels).

New Call for student exchange programmes with the partner universities

Application for the Spring Semester 2018 in one of the foreign universities in the frames of partner agreements till the middle of October

Guest lectures of Professor Giorgio Sirilli at HSE ISSEK on April 24-26, 2017

Professor Giorgio Sirilli – Research director at the Institute for Economic Research on Firms and Growth (CERIS) of the National Research Council  – will deliver open lectures at ISSEK on April 24-26, 2017.

ISSEK students in the search of the responds to the administration requests

Master’s Programme Students of HSE ISSEK “Governance of Science, Technology and Innovation” for 10 weeks from January to March were doing their internships at Moscow Agency of Innovations. During the internship four students found several best technological solutions for optimizing the city transport, power grids, healthcare and other systems.

Science Diplomacy as an Emerging Topic: Some Insights from Professor Pierre-Bruno Ruffini

On 21 February, 2017, Pierre-Bruno Ruffini, Professor of Economics, University of Le Havre (France) and previously Counselor for Science and Technology at the Embassy of France in Russia (2007-2010) and Italy (2010-2013), delivered the open lecture «Science Diplomacy – Basic Concepts and Key Issues» under the HSE Master`s programme «Governance of Science, Technology and Innovation» for students, scholars and practitioners.

Illustration for news: Essay Competition Among Second-Year Master Students

Essay Competition Among Second-Year Master Students

In terms of the Research Seminar course, two guest scholars gave an academic speech to the second-year Master students of the “Governance of Science, Technology and Innovation” programme. Prof. Jeong Dong Lee (Seoul National University, Korea) devoted his presentation to capability transition failure from implementation capability and concept design capability as a source of middle income trap. Prof. Liu Youfa (Shanghai Institute of International Studies, China) discussed relations between China and Russia through the prism of One Belt One Road Initiative. Seven groups of students wrote a group academic essay related to one of these topics. Three essays were awarded  "Best Academic Essay" certificates and online publication.