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Chocolate 3D printing workshop in Shukhov Lab

Event ended

Saturday, 8 December
Shukhov Lab (20 Myasnitskaya, room 116)
Registration is required
Language – English
Facebook event

In the run up to the New Year and Christmas Shukhov Lab launches one-day Chocolate Workshop!

Under the guidance of Beno Juarez, founder of FAB LAB Peru, and Ivan Mitrofanov, Shukhov Lab leading expert, participants will explore the possibilities of digital manufacturing and its application to the creation of new products based on cocoa and chocolate.

3D printing has been used for fabrication for decades. Engineers, designers, entrepreneurs, and other professionals use this technology for rapid prototyping, product design, and boosting manufacturing processes. 3D printing is the basic hard skill which students develop during the international master program ‘Prototyping future cities’. Shukhov Lab offers a one-day workshop for budding techno-chocolatiers to learn how to transform different shapes into an edible treat.



Aimed at passionate lovers of chocolate and those who are ready for new experiences based on technology, the workshop seeks to enhance the participants' ability to elaborate custom products through the use of 3D chocolate printing.

Number of participants

There is no fee for the workshop, just do not forget to bring tea for the tea party.


What will you learn?
– know the 3D printing of chocolate and its impact on society;
– design prototypes using CAD tools (Computer Aided Design) through digital processes and the chocolate printer;
– make prototypes using the 3D chocolate printer;
– reflect on the articulation of technologies and implementation of high-impact innovation projects in chocolateria.


Chocolate 3d printing workshop consists of 4 modules:

MODULE 1 (1 hour)

MODULE 3 (2 hours)

Introduce the participants to the world of digital manufacturing and its impact on society.

Principles of Digital Manufacturing. Global panorama on the impact of new technologies. Introduction to management tools and digitalization (3D modeling).

Distinguish the paradigm shift between traditional manufacturing, digital manufacturing and mind-building.

Individual scale: Development of individual proposal. Development of digital models.

Explore the use of 3D Modeling Tools (CAD).
Development of digital models. 

MODULE 3 (2 hours)

Explore the use of Manufacturing Tools (3D Printing, Laser Cutting, CNC Machining)
Development of digital models.

MODULE 4 (1 hour)
Encourage self-critical spirit and participants’ ability to redesign. Integration to global collaborative networks.