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Academic supervisor

Vicente Guallart

Academic Supervisor
Founder, Shukhov Lab
Chief Architect, Barcelona City Council (2011-2015)


Nadia Khort
Head, Shukhov Lab
MA in Urban Planning, HSE Graduate School of Urbanism
Course: Readings on Urbanity
Ivan Mitrofanov
Degree in Information and Computer Science
Moscow State University of Forest
Course: Technology
Elena Mitrofanova
MA in Advanced Architecture,
Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia
Course:City Project
Vadim Smakhtin
CTO, Partner at Habidatum, software engineer
MA of Engineering, Samara State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering
Course: Research Seminar Technology
Egor Kotov
Research Fellow at Centre for Advanced Data Analysis, HSE Graduate School of Urbanism
MA in Urban and Rural Planning, University of Aberdeen
Course: Mapping Economy
Konstantin Glazkov
Tutor at HSE Faculty of Social Sciences
MA in Urban Planning, HSE Graduate School of Urbanism
Course: Readings on Urbanity
Alisa Barannikova
City analyst, tutor at Moscow Architecture School MARCH
MA in Sociology, University of Manchester
Course: City protocol
Benito Juarez
President at FAB LAB Peru
Degree in Architect National University of Engineering, Lima
Course: City Project: Things, Impact Analysis
Ksenia Mayorova
Junior Research Fellow at HSE Graduate School of Urbanism
MA in Urban Planning, HSE Graduate School of Urbanism
Degree in Philosophy, Moscow State University
Course: Readings on Urbanity
Andrey Yelbaev
Project Leader at Strelka KB, architect
MA in Architecture and Digital Media, University of Westminster
Course: City Project: Things
Alexandra Zapolskaya
Degree in Sociology, Moscow State University
Course: Recording Sociology
Andrei Ptitsyn
Deputy Director at Synesis
PhD in Economics, assistant professor at Moscow State University, SUNY Canton (USA), University of Pittsburgh (USA), Xing Wei College (China)
Course: New Business Models
Alexander Ostrogorsky
Tutor and Curator of Public Program at MARCH Architecture School, journalist
Degree in Art, Moscow State University
Course: History of Urbanism
Andrey Karmatsky
CEO Urbica Big Data
Degree in Ural State railway university Information Systems on Railway Transport, Ural State railway university
Course: Urban Big Data

Paulina Smykouskaya

Legal Counsel and Data Protection Officer at Avito
LLM, Queen Mary University of London

Guest tutors

Alexey Novikov

Co-founder of Habidatum
PhD in Geography
Course: Readings on Urbanity

Daniel Ibanez

Design Agency Founder and Principal at Margen-Lab
PhD at the Department of Architectural Projects, Polytechnic University of Madrid
MA in Design Studies in (Urbanism, Landscape and Ecology)
Fab Academy program, MIT

Oscar Aceves

Architecture, professor
MA in Architecture, Pontificia Universidad
Católica de Chile

Jochen Schreer

Expert on the cycle of water, IAAC