Academic appendix

M Rozhkov, O Balayeva

Problems of state procurement activity in Russia: the customer’s point of view

2010. No. 4. P. 11–28 [issue contents]
M.A. Rozhkov, the Deputy of the SU-HSE First Vice-Chancellor, and O.N. Balayeva, Associate Professor of the SU-HSE General and Strategic Management Department, in their article analyze the practice of placing the order by the SU-HSE procurements administration and the problems the customer confronts while reaching his goals such as placing the order in terms of 94-FL requirements.
Within the bounds of the SU-HSE project “Analysis of the functioning of the state procurement system and development of suggestions for its improvement” there has been made an attempt of generalization and systematization of the problems that Russian state customers often confront. Among the methods implemented for this research can be mentioned the case studies focused on the examination of the practical experience of organizations – state procurement customers – by means of a series of profound interviews with the specialists who deal directly with state procurements.
As the objects of the research there have been chosen one representatives in each of the following categories of state procurement customers – from federal department and from government-financed organization. To realize the goals of the research there have been prepared cases based on the information received from these interviews with the specialists of a federal department and a major government-financed organization.
Revealed with the help of these surveys, interviews and case studies, the problems have been identified, summarized and systematized according to the main stages of procurements organization and deliveries accomplishment (including the forming of the order, its placement and execution).
Citation: Rozhkov M A, Balayeva O N (2010) Problemy goszakupochnoy deyatel'nosti v Rossii: vzglyad zakazchika [Problems of state procurement activity in Russia: the customer’s point of view] Academic appendix, 4, pp. 11-28 (in Russian)
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