Academic appendix

I Kuznetsova, T Trefilova, N Yeremenko, E Gladkova, E Bogorad, A Burkov

State procurement placement in the period of crisis

2010. No. 4. P. 29–48 [issue contents]
In this article the employees of the SU-HSE Institute of Procurement and Sales Management of A.B. Solovyov I.V. Kuznetsova, T.N. Trefilova, N.V. Eremenko, E.G. Gladkova, E.L. Bogorad and A.V. Burkov examine the results of placement of the orders for state needs in 2008-2009. For this analysis there has been used the data of the federal statistic supervision after the placement of the orders on the delivery of goods, works and services according to the №1-bidding form, which is annually approved by the Federal Service of State Statistics.
When this article was being prepared, there were available the statistics for the year of 2008 and the first 9 months of 2009. The data on the placed orders was provided by the customers and processed in progressive total every quarter. The examined period (2008-2009) presents special interest because, on the one hand, it shows the results which are actual for today and can be compared to the period before crisis. On the other hand, in this period the forms of the state statistic supervision have insignificant differences, meanwhile the forms and the rules of the completion during the previous periods had a few distinctions based on a number of factors.
Citation: Kuznetsova I V, Trefilova T N, Yeremenko N V, Gladkova E G, Bogorad E L, Burkov A V (2010) Razmeshchenie gosudarstvennogo zakaza v krizisnyy period [State procurement placement in the period of crisis] Academic appendix, 4, pp. 29-48 (in Russian)
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