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How to join our research? 
We always welcome new enthusiasts who are interested in our research! If you are determined to go into neurolinguistics, we can invite you to join one of our projects as a volunteer assistant. In order to make our collaboration most productive, we suggest you to check out basic textbooks and take an online course on neuro- and psycholinguistics and join our course “Experimental methods in psycho- and neurolinguistics” which members of the lab provide each spring semester in HSE. After you follow these three steps, we will meet with you and discuss your further involvement in our research activity.

1.    Basic literature

Traxler, M. J. (2011). Introduction to psycholinguistics: Understanding language science. John Wiley & Sons.
Stemmer, B., & Whitaker, H. A. (Eds.).(2008). Handbook of the Neuroscience of Language. AcademicPress.
Федорова, О. В. (2008). Основы экспериментальной психолингвистики: принципы организации эксперимента. Москва: Спутник. 

 You can find all recommended books online.

2.    MOOCs

Here are a few courses on neurolinguistics we strongly recommend. In order to become our research assistant you are required to take one of them. 

Medical Neuroscience - Duke University | Coursera

Understanding the Brain: The Neurobiology of Everyday Life - The University of Chicago | Coursera


We also suggest taking one of these additional courses, which would benefit you in case you are not a linguist or clinician

Miracles of Human Language: An Introduction to Linguistics - Universiteit Leiden | Coursera

Design and Interpretation of Clinical Trials

3.    HSE course

The researchers of the Center for language and brain every year read courses in the Higher school of Economics: 

- University-wide master's course " Language and brain"
- "Experimental methods in psycho-and neurolinguistics", 3rd year bachelor of School of linguistics
- "Psycholinguistics", 3rd year bachelor of psychology Department

To clarify the information about the courses, contact Svetlana Malyutina (smalyutina@hse.ru).


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