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Student's papers 2015 - 2016


Maria Grabovskaya, "APACS test adaptation and standardization for the assessment of pragmatical processing" (supervisor - Julia Akinina, consultant - Emilia Ezrina)

Elisaveta Ivtushok, "Primary sensomotor cortex role in literal and metaphorical movement verb meaning processing in Russian speakers" (supervisor - Anna Chrabaszcz, consultant - Rosa Vlasova)

Viktoria Kshnyaskina, "Role of gestures in overcoming lexical deficit in aphasic patients" (supervisor - Olga Dragoy)

Term papers

Maria Alexeeva, "Sentential actants in accusative case in Russian" (supervisor - Anna Laurinavichute, consultant – Alexander Letuchiy)

Tatiana Bolgina, "Familial handedness influence in language laterslization in the brain" (supervisor - Olga Dragoy)

Olga Buyvolova, "Context influence on genericity comprhension" (supervisor  Daniel Karczewski)

Zoya Evdaeva, "Temporal lexical ambiguity in Russian: syntax processing scecifics in young subjects vs. seniors" (supervisor - Svetlana Maluytina, consultant - Anna Laurinavichute

Valeria Zelenkova, "Lexical access modulation with transcranial direct current stimulation" (supervisor - Svetlana Maluytina)

Nikita Zmanovsky, "Uncertain input hypothesis in Russian: vanishing prepositions" (supervisor - Anna Laurinavichute

Anastasia Kobzeva, "Working memory influence on sentence comprehencion and production in healthy adults and patients with aphasia" (supervisor - Maria Ivanova) 

Irina Korkina, "Inhibitory control role in language processing in dynamic aphasia" (supervisor - Svetlana Maluytina)

Nina Ladinskaya, "Spatial representation of verb tense forms in Russian" (supervisor - Anna Chrabaszcz)

Anna Maloletnyaya, "Argumental struture influence on verb processing in different aphasia types" (supervisor - Svetlana Maluytina)

Julia Mikheeva, "Speech comprehension: hesitation pause influence" (supervisor - Anna Laurinavichute

Alexandra Savchenko, "Motor stereotypes influence in spatial relations comprehencion of children" (supervisor - Anna Chrabaszcz)

Alexandra Symdyanova, "Ошибочное согласование в категории лица. Экспериментальные исследования" (supervisor - Anna Laurinavichute

Alena Stepanova, «Local dependencies theory testing in Russian» (supervisor - Anna Laurinavichute

Valeria Tolkacheva, "Test battery developement for speech assessment in brain tumor patients awake neurosurgery(supervisor - Anna Chrabaszcz)

Daria Fomina, "Uncertain input hypothesis in Russian" (supervisor - Anna Laurinavichute

Alexandra Chaschina, "Transposition-letter effect in Russian" (supervisor - Olga Dragoy, co-supervisor - Anastasia Ulicheva)

Zoya Cherkasova, "Transcranial magnetic stimulation influence on object and action naming" (supervisor - Olga Dragoy)


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