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Regular version of the site


Regular Research Seminars

The VML Research Seminars usually take place at 3 Krivokolenny lane, room 211.


  1. Joe MacInnes: Fixations, microsaccades, & saccadic curvature  Fixations Curvature Microsaccades.pdf
  2. Joe MacInnes: Gaze contingent eye tracking and timing  GazeContingent.pdf
  3. Sofia KrasovskayaModels of fixation  Models of fixation.pdf
  4. Liya Merzon & Georgii Zhulikov: Modeling temporal dynamics of attention with Leaky Integrate-and-Fire model  Temporal LIF.pdf
  5. Liya Merzon: Eye tracking and Open Sesame: practical  Eye tracking and Open Sesame.pdf
  6. Georgii Zhulikov: Gaze event classifier  Eye movement classification.pdf
  7. Elena Gorina: Pupillometry: Psychology, Physiology, & Function  pupilometry.pdf
  8. Lilit Dulyan and Sara Askarova: The IVT algorithm  IVT_algorithm.rar

Python Friday

Pyday Friday is a byWeekly seminar led by Georgiy Zhulikov. He is teaching proper programming techniques using Python as the language of choice, PyCharm as the IDE and as many examples of coded machine learning as can be found.

Events we attended

The conference took place in Trieste (Italy), 26–30 August 2018.

The VML members presented the following topics:

  1. W. Joseph MacInnes, Elena Gorina, Alexey Asvarisch, Anastasia Komardin, & Tatiana Malevich: Capturing attentional capture with salience models
  2. Tatiana Malevich, Elena Rybina, Elizaveta Ivtushok, Liubov Ardasheva, & W. Joseph MacInnes: The reference frame for Inhibition of return is the full hemifield
  3. Sofia Krasovskaya, Georgii Zhulikov, Liya Merzon, & W. Joseph MacInnes: Temporal distribution of saccades with deep learning salience maps
  4. Alexey Asvarisch & W. Joseph MacInnes: Spatial attention with Rescorla's 'truly random control'

The conference programme is available here:  ECVP-2018

The TMLSS took place in Cluj-Napoca, Transylvania (Romania), July 16–22, 2018.

The VML members presented the following topics:

  1. Sofia Krasovskaya, Georgii Zhulikov, & W. Joseph MacInnes: Deep-Learning Neural Networks as a Model of Saccadic Generation
    Poster TMLSS18.pdf

The TMLSS materials are available on GitHub.


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