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is the share of total investment in technological innovation that Russian companies devote to research and development. The amount is nearly 411 billion roubles.

Expenditures on research and development rank second in overall innovation investment. More money is spent only on purchasing machinery and equipment - 493.5 billion roubles, or 44.4%.

Recent statistics show that the cost of technological innovation in Russian companies in comparable prices increased by 16% year-over-year and exceeded one trillion roubles for 2013.

These data are presented in a new HSE Data Book ‘Indicators of Innovation: 2015’, which will be published early next year.

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What Drives Innovation in Russian Companies

As part of the Management session of the XX April International Conference, Carl F. Fey from Aalto University School of Business, Finland, presented his paper on Facilitating Innovation in Companies in Russia: The Role of Organizational Culture. In his talk, Professor Fey spoke about the results of three studies he has been conducting with his team.


is how many times more likely major Russian companies are to change managing directors  during a crisis in comparison to calmer times. 


of heads of Russian companies believe they do not have enough professional knowledge and skills for career development and professional growth. They would like to receive additional specialized training or education.


of Russian companies offered training for their employees in 2014. In 2013, the number of such companies was significantly higher at 72%.


of Russian companies are freezing their employees’ salaries during the economic crisis.


is the share of innovative products in total sales made by industrial enterprises.


of companies in Russian industry are innovative.


of Russian research organizations that transferred the results of their work to companies for implementation helped to create entirely new products, manufacturing processes and services for the global market.


of all Russian companies use fixed-term employment contracts.


of Russian companies  discuss personnel issues at every management meeting.