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HSE Allocates Funds to Support Innovative Projects

From March 2, applications will be accepted for the Fund for Innovative Enterprise Support competition, which is to be held for the sixth time. Winning projects will receive from 150,000 to 500,000 rubles in support.

The annual competition aims to boost the commercialization of research developments, to provide targeted support to projects that have potential to become profitable start-ups. A crucial condition of participation in the competition is the presence on each team of at least one teacher, student and HSE graduate. Key areas covered include online education and educational technologies, hardware, wearable electronics, robotics and automation, the Internet of Things, media communication, financial technologies and payment systems, but applications involving other areas will also be considered.

The winners will be selected by a competition commission comprising 40 experts, including HSE staff, representatives of active private venture (Runa Capital, Life.Sreda, Almaz Capital etc) and corporate funds (QIWI Venture, IT Online Venture etc) and specialists from development institutes (Foundation for Assistance to Small Innovative Enterprises in Science and Technology, Skolkovo Foundation, Moscow Seed Fund).

The winners will be able to direct the funds awarded toward developing their business plan, carrying out market research, developing prototypes, creating and testing their products, and on legal support.

In addition to the financial award, winners will have access to business consultants, HSE experts and experts with HSE partner companies, who will help them understand the nuances of internet marketing, legal practice, technical development and project management.

‘Our mission is to work together to build these projects into working businesses, to develop concrete business plans, build a sales system, strengthen the team,’ said Anastasia Tyurina, General Director of the Innovation Center. ‘Grant funds are awarded to resolve specific tasks, and members of the jury help make more balanced decisions as to how viable a project is and how realistic its business plan. Fund resources in an ideal world help speed the product’s journey to market. Jointly with the teams, we seek out resources for growth – investors, product promotion partners, building a website for the target audience. I personally see the HSE team’s role as working together with the projects to create the most effective trajectory for achieving the goals set with minimal funding.’

Applications are accepted until March 16, and the competition committee will announce the names of this year’s winners by the end of the month.

For more information about the competition, and the entry procedure, please contact Mikhail Demidov at mdemidov@hse.ru or call +7 499 390 88 19.

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At the end of November, HSE’s Moscow campus hosted the finals of HSE{Business}Cup 2018  – a completion for student business projects. In total, six teams received grants equal to 200,000 roubles from HSE to make their ideas a reality.

Why Study after University: Continuing Education at HSE

In 2011, HSE graduate, Irina Demina, launched the startup ‘Button For Life’ (Ru: Кнопка жизни) - a round-the-clock service for elderly people and people with disabilities. Since 2016, Irina has graduated from three programmes offered by the Centre for Continuing Education at HSE’s Faculty of Computer Science and is planning to do more. Irina told the HSE news service about how the knowledge she acquired has helped her to reach new heights in business.

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On March 15, 2017, HSE hosted the annual Start-up of the Year awards ceremony, organized by the HSE Business Incubator. Five projects featuring unique online and offline technologies won awards.

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The digital age is opening up more and more opportunities for some of the most unbelievable startups imaginable – startups for which ideas and a drive to conquer new business territories take precedent. For Vitaly Aleksandrov, an HSE alumnus and the founder and head of the studio Out of Cloud, this territory was email marketing. Below, he tells Success Builder how correct distribution methods differ from spam, how to write meaningful letter, and whether a student is able to make money off of scholarships.

500,000 roubles

is the maximum grant amount that winners are able to receive in a competition sponsored by the Fund for Innovative Enterprise Support.

More Social Projects at Startup of the Year

On December 17 the awards ceremony for Startup of the Year 2014 took place at the Technopolis Moscow congress centre. Of the 350 projects entered for this prestigious prize, 7 winners received the coveted statuettes - 6 for the different nominations and one from the audience. Among the winning teams there are HSE students and graduates.


was the factor by which the number of applications from social entrepreneurship projects for the ‘Startup of the Year’ award grew this past year. In total, social entrepreneurs accounted for 36% of nominees for the award.


applications were submitted by young entrepreneurs for the annual HSE Business Incubator ‘Startup of the Year’ prize.