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Support for Student Organizations Is Changing. Key Points

On January 27, 2017, the HSE Academic Council approved a document regulating support for HSE student organizations at its Moscow campus.

Student organizations will receive a ‘guaranteed basic budget,’ and the regulation also provides for other forms of support: provision of premises, transport services and information support. Student organizations need to register in order to receive support. Registration via the HSE Family will open on February 15.

Why do we need new rules?

Igor Chirikov, HSE Vice Rector, initiated these changes.

 ‘Despite the fact that dozens of successful and creative student organizations have been created at HSE, until today they have virtually been supported individually,’ says Vice Rector Chirikov. ‘The university has significantly grown and the need for established general rules regulating the relationship between the university and student organizations and initiatives has arisen. We hope that these new rules will help our students implement their most ambitious ideas and projects.’

The regulations were developed in cooperation with the HSE Student Council and HSE Student Initiative Support Centre. In January Igor Chirikov presented a draft of the regulations to supervisors and members of HSE student organizations.

New Registration Procedure

In order to receive support, HSE student organizations need to register. Registration via HSE Family will open on February 15.

Organizations that have already registered on the HSE Family website will only need to update the sections about their activity. Organizations can register anytime, but organizations interested in receiving funding for 2017 should register by March 15.

For information about the registration procedure please see the Student Initiative Support Centre website.

This will not only help HSE create universal support for student organizations, it will also mean it is possible to make a comprehensive and up-to-date list of current student organizations available for students.

Support for Registered Student Organizations:

  • Opportunity to use the name and trademark of the university in organization activity;
  • Guaranteed basic annual funding;
  • HSE information support. Support announcing and promoting events and activities via HSE's information resources;
  • Premises (if needed) for student organization events and offices;
  • Transport support for events;
  • Access to the services of HSE printing house;
  • Protecting the organizations’ interests in negotiations with external partners.

What is ‘guaranteed basic funding’?

After registration, all student organizations have the right to receive guaranteed basic funding from the university for their activities. This allowance is the same for all student organizations. It is determined by the total amount of funding for student organizations allocated by HSE and the number of registered student organizations as of January 1 of the respective calendar year (in 2017 this number will be determined by March 15).

There are about 80 student organizations at HSE Moscow. Accordingly, in 2017 the guaranteed budget for one organization could be around 10,000 rubles, although the final amount of the funding will vary depending on the number of the organizations registered by March 15. These funds can be spent on the student organization’s ongoing activity.

Student Project Contest

Organizations that need additional funding for their projects can participate in the student project contest along with all HSE students.

In 2017 the rules for this contest will also change. From now on applications will be accepted all year long (not just twice a year as had previously been the case), and the contest committee will determine the winners every three months. The contest also sets out simplified participation in line with the amount of financial support needed.

The next student project contest will be launched in March 2017.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact the Student Initiative Support Centre.

For more information about the regulation of support for HSE student organizations at HSE Moscow please see this document (in Russian).