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  • HSE University Enters Top 100 in Mathematics and Improves Its Positions in US News Best Global Universities Rankings

HSE University Enters Top 100 in Mathematics and Improves Its Positions in US News Best Global Universities Rankings

HSE University Enters Top 100 in Mathematics and Improves Its Positions in US News Best Global Universities Rankings

HSE University has improved its positions in the US News Best Global Universities institutional and subject rankings. For the first time, the University ranks among the top 100 universities in the world for mathematics. HSE is also the only Russian university to place in the subject rankings for Economics and Business and Social Sciences and Public Health. HSE ranks among the top 300 in both subject categories.

Climbing 23 places from last year, HSE University broke into the top 100 universities in the Mathematics subject ranking and now ranks 82nd.  In Economics and Business, the university is rapidly approaching the top 200 after rising 27 places from last year to take 208th place. In Social Sciences and Public Health, HSE University rose 21 places and entered the top 300 universities, ranking 295th. Notably, in the Mathematics and Economics and Business subject rankings, HSE University is the highest ranked Russian university.

Over the past few years, HSE University has particularly worked to develop and strengthen its programmes in the natural sciences. These efforts appear to have paid off: in the Physics subject ranking, the University rose 32 places to 674th place. 

HSE University

 Top 100 in Mathematics

 Best and only Russian university in subject rankings in Economics and Business and Social Sciences and Public Health

 7th place among Russian universities in US News institutional ranking

 Top 300 in Economics and Business subject ranking and Social Sciences and Public Health subject ranking

The US News Best Global Universities institutional ranking includes 19 Russian universities, 15 of which are participants of Russian Academic Excellence Project 5-100. In 2014, when the ranking expanded to include universities from all over the world, it included only two Russian universities.

Russian Universities

 52 Russian universities are in the QS, THE, ARWU and US News institutional rankings

 20 universities from Project 5-100 are in the QS, THE, ARWU and US News institutional rankings

 24 Russian universities are in US News rankings by subject

 16 universities from Project 5-100 are in the US News rankings by subject

The number of Russian universities represented in the US News subject rankings is also steadily growing: while only one Russian university made the subject rankings in 2014, this year the rankings include 24 Russian universities, including 16 participants of Project 5-100.

Irina Karelina, Senior Director for Strategic Planning, HSE University

Irina Karelina, Senior Director for Strategic Planning, HSE University

2020 is the final year of the Academic Excellence Project 5-100, which has shifted the focus of Russian universities onto global rankings, or more specifically, their own positions in them and opportunities in global education and research. Before the start of the project, most universities used to compare themselves only to other Russian universities, and only a few were able to conceive of themselves in relation to international universities (in 2012, a total of 14 Russian universities made the QS ranking, and only 6 of them were in the Top 500). By the end of the project, there are now 52 Russian universities represented in global rankings, including 20 Project 5-100 universities (in four institutional rankings, including US News). 18 universities rank among the top 500 universities in the three global rankings (QS, THE, ARWU), and over two-thirds of them are participants of Project 5-100.

Project 5-100 has given our universities new competencies such as learning the best global practices, developing research and educational collaborations, forming new views on educational products, and publishing research. Today, we are witnessing the synergetic effect of this project’s impact on the system of Russian education at large, assessed by an external measure—global university rankings

The rankings include around 1500 universities from 86 countries. Since 2014, the media company has published not only a global ranking, but also 38 subject rankings, 10 of which are published for the first time this year.

To be considered for the institutional ranking, a university must have over 1,500 publications in Web of Science over the last five years or place amongst the top 250 as a result of reputation surveys. To be considered for a subject ranking, a university must have, in the case of the previously established 28 subject rankings, over 250 publications over the last five years in the relevant subject area in Web of Science. In the case of the 10 subject rankings that were added this year, a university must have at least 200 publications in the relevant field in Web of Science.

In the ranking’s methodology, Web of Science bibliometric data carry a weight of 75%, and reputation survey results over the past five years carry a weight of 25%.

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HSE University Ranks Among Top 5 Russian Universities in Three University Missions

HSE University is one of the best Russian universities (4th place) and consistently ranks among the top 150 best universities in the world (142nd place) according to the Three University Missions world ranking that has been published since 2017.

HSE University is Consistently in the Top-5 of the Best Russian Universities according to the Shanghai Ranking

HSE University has improved its positions in the Shanghai Ranking (ARWU) thanks to continued improvement in several indicators. For the second year in a row, HSE has ranked 4th or 5th among Russian universities, while globally, it has improved its rank to now being in the 601–700 group.

ICEF Once Again Comes First in HeadHunter Rankings

For the second year, ICEF leads the HeadHunter ranking of top Russian universities and faculties in economics and finance. Analysts from hh.ru examined the CV database of 2021–2022 graduates of Moscow universities on the hh.ru website. The ranking covered nine professional fields.

HSE Ranked Top Russian University by Number of Subjects in Shanghai Ranking

HSE University is represented in more subjects (10—an increase from 8 last year) in the Shanghai Global Ranking of Academic Subjects than any other Russian university.

HSE University Ranks Second Among Russian Economics Universities by Graduate Pay

The SuperJob jobhunting and recruitment service has published its 2022 ranking of Russian universities by salary. The results are based on a sample of early-career professionals from the 2016–2021 graduating classes and who are now working in economics and finance. HSE University took second place.

HSE University Remains Leader in Four Subjects in AC Expert Research Productivity Rankings

HSE University has taken first place in four subjects in the research productivity ranking of Russian universities published by the Expert analytical centre. The university also placed in the top five in eight other subjects.

Employers Put HSE in Top-3 Best Russian Universities in RAEX Ranking

HSE University has taken third place in terms of demand for graduates on the job market in the RAEX ranking. HSE University has been in the Top-5 universities in the RAEX ranking for the last four years.

Three University Missions Ranks HSE University First among Russian Universities in Four Subject Rankings

HSE University took first place in four subject rankings and second place by the number of gold medals among Russian universities. The university entered the top three Russian universities by receiving nine prizes in various fields. The Three University Missions subject rankings in 29 fields of study were presented for the first time at an open meeting of the Council of the Russian Union of Rectors and the Association of Rating Makers.

THE Names HSE One of the Top 75 Young Universities

HSE University has placed 66th in the Times Higher Education Young University Rankings 2022, which assess universities younger than 50 years old. The THE Young University Ranking is the first in a series of global rankings to be published in 2022.

HSE University Appears in Twice as Many Top 100 Subject Rankings as Last Year

The publication of the latest Times Higher Education subject rankings in the Arts and Humanities concludes the annual cycle of the three main ranking agencies: THE, QS, and ARWU. Since last year, HSE University has managed to double the number of top 100 subject rankings it appears in, growing from 6 to 12.