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  • HSE University’s Faculty of Computer Science Teams Win ICPC International Collegiate Programming Contest

HSE University’s Faculty of Computer Science Teams Win ICPC International Collegiate Programming Contest

HSE University’s Faculty of Computer Science Teams Win ICPC International Collegiate Programming Contest

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On April 14–19, 2024, two finals of the International Collegiate Programming Contest (ICPC) took place in Luxor (Egypt). The teams from HSE University’s Faculty of Computer Science became world champions in the 47th ICPC final and received gold medals in the 46th final.

Over 840 students from more than 170 universities and 50 countries took part in the 46th and 47th finals. Two teams of students went to represent HSE University in Moscow under the leadership of Mikhail Gustokashin, Director of the Centre for Student Competitions at the Faculty of Computer Science, and Philipp Gribov, a teacher at the Faculty of Computer Science.

The FFTilted team (47th final) consisting of Fedor Romashov, Aleksandr Babin, and Kirill Kudryashov became the world champion and received gold medals. The Undertrained+Overpressured team (46th final)—Maksim Gorokhovsky, Ivan Safonov, and Timofey Fedoseev—took third place and received gold medals. Ivan Safonov became the only three-time ICPC medallist in history. Over the entire period of participation in the ICPC finals, teams from HSE University’s Faculty of Computer Science earned four bronze (2014, 2019, 2020, 2021) and two gold awards (2022, 2023). This is the best result among all Russian universities.

Nikita Anisimov

‘HSE University is a multidisciplinary school that provides opportunities of self-realisation for the talented youth of our country in all areas and fields. At that, the largest share of the university’s graduates today are specialists in the field of computer science and engineering. I congratulate the students of our Faculty of Computer Science on their historic victory, which proves that Russia’s mathematics and computer school is the strongest in the world, and HSE University deserves its place among the top rankings of technology institutes and universities that train specialists in the field of artificial intelligence,’ said HSE University Rector Nikita Anisimov.

Ivan Arzhantsev

Dean of the Faculty of Computer Science

‘Congratulations to our teams and the entire staff of the Faculty of Computer Science on their victory at the ICPC International Collegiate Programming Contest! The gold received by two FCS teams at once at the most reputable international competition testifies to the consistently high quality of student training and the excellent work of the teaching staff. It is especially pleasant that the news of this remarkable result came on the days when the faculty celebrates its tenth anniversary. At the previous final, our team also achieved the highest results among Russian universities, winning a bronze medal and taking ninth place in the world. But the result of this year cannot be surpassed— our teams became absolutely the best in the world. It is now important to stay ahead in the future and strengthen our reputation as one of the world’s leading computer science education and research centres.'

ICPC is one of the largest and most prestigious programming competitions in the world. Teams of three, representing their university, work to solve problems, demonstrating skills such as teamwork, creativity, innovative solutions, and the ability to work under pressure within a limited time. This year, the competition was held with the assistance of Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi.

Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Chernyshenko congratulated the teams on the Telegram channel of the Russian government.

Dmitry Chernyshenko

‘It is thanks to their talents and hard work that we are one of the world leaders in the pace of digital transformation of the economy and social sphere. I sincerely congratulate the students of HSE University on their well-deserved victory, as well as the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology team, which became a finalist of the ICPC contest! I am confident that your skills will allow you to create innovative technology solutions that ensure the technological sovereignty of our country, the importance of which our President Vladimir Putin has repeatedly spoken about.'

Mikhail Gustokashin

Director of the Centre for Student Competitions at HSE University’s Faculty of Computer Science, team coach

‘HSE University has shown the best result in the entire history of its participation in ICPC. Before that, we had four bronze medals in our treasury, but this year, we were able to win the champion title and gold medals in two finals all at once. The participants trained hard to achieve this, and I hope that the members of our teams at the subsequent ICPC finals will also show good results.'

Each team was to solve 11 problems in five hours. During the last hour of the competition, the online results table was frozen. A total of 12 sets of medals were awarded at each of the ICPC finals, four of each denomination. Among the participants from other Russian universities, medals were also received by students from the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, who took the third place in the 47th final and the fifth place in the 46th final of the championship.

Teams from HSE University in St. Petersburg also took part in the competition. They finished 19th (46th final) and 58th (47th final).

 Results of the 46th final

 Results of the 47th final

ICPC (International Collegiate Programming Contest) is a prestigious programming competition that has been held since 1970. As part of the contest, teams of students from all over the world compete to solve complex programming problems in a limited time.

Participation in ICPC allows students to showcase their programming, algorithmic thinking, and teamwork skills, while also providing the opportunity to meet top computer science students and professionals from around the world. The contest is held at several levels: regional, national, and global. Successful performance at the regional and national stages allows teams to advance to the final stage, where they compete to become the absolute ICPC champions.

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Faculty of Computer Science Students Took Top Three Places in Competitive Programming at Games of the Future

The Games of the Future in competitive programming were held in Kazan on February 28th–29th. 50 people from 27 countries took part in the competition. The Russian national team included seven students selected based on the results of the Russian championship organised by the Competitive Programming Federation. The team included three students from Applied Mathematics and Information Science at the HSE Faculty of Computer Science.

HSE University Teams Win Gold and Three Bronzes in ICPC Semifinals

In December, the Northern Eurasia Regional Contests (NERC)—the semifinal of the ICPC international programming contest—took place. This year’s competition featured around 300 teams comprising 900 participants from Russia and other CIS countries. The contest took place simultaneously in St Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Astana, and Kutaisi. The majority of teams—a total of 152—took part in the competition at St Petersburg’s MTS Live Hall venue.

Students of HSE Faculty of Computer Science Win True Tech Champ by MTS

The final of the True Tech Champ Programming Olympiad from MTS took place at the end of October. Twelve students emerged as victors from the competition, including two second-year master’s students from the HSE Faculty of Computer Science, Ivan Safonov and Maxim Gorokhovsky.

HSE University Students and Graduates Among Winners of VK Cup ‘22/23

On February 5, the finals and award ceremony of the VK Cup ‘22/23 IT championship took place. The competition comprised two qualifying stages and one final stage. There were more than 5,000 applications for the qualifying stages, with a total of 80 participants making it to the finals.

HSE Students Win Gold and Silver at ICPC Semifinal

On December 6–7, 2022, the semifinal of the  International Collegiate Programming Contest (ICPC) took place in St Petersburg. Two teams from the HSE Faculty of Computer Science won medals at NERC 2022: FFTilted took overall 2nd place and received the gold medal, and It Has To Work took 8th place (silver medal). Two teams from HSE University—FFTilted (Moscow) and Just3Keks (St Petersburg)—will take part in the ICPC finals, which will be held in Egypt in 2023.

HSE University Computer Science Teams Place First and Second in NERC ICPC 2022

Two teams from the HSE University Faculty of Computer Science (FCS) in Moscow have taken first and second place in the semi-finals of the 2022 International Collegiate Programming Contest (ICPC). The last time a single university took both first and second place was in 1997. Almost 250 teams took part in the event, five of which were from HSE University in Moscow. A team from HSE University in St Petersburg took fourth place. The winning team was awarded the winner’s trophy of the ICPC semi-finals, while the HSE University teams that placed second and fourth won gold medals.

HSE Students Win Bronze in International Programming Contest

Fourth-year HSE students Ivan Safonov and Mikhail Anoprenko of the Faculty of Computer Science have won a bronze award in the International Collegiate Programming Contest. The competition finals were held in Moscow on October 5. Students from HSE University’s campuses in Moscow and St. Petersburg took part in the competition, with the team from Russia’s second city placing 19th overall.

Students of HSE University in St. Petersburg Win First Round of ICPC Semifinals

Students of the St. Petersburg School of Physics, Mathematics, and Computer Science Vasily Alferov, Konstantin Makhnev and Maxim Surkov, have won the online round of the ICPC semi-final - student world programming championship. A team from the Faculty of Computer Science of HSE University in Moscow is also in the top three. In addition, three more teams from HSE Moscow and St. Petersburg made it through to the next round.

Students of HSE Faculty of Computer Science Win the Quarter Finals of the World Programming Championship

Third-year students of the Bachelor’s Programme in Applied Mathematics and Information Science Ivan Safonov, Ramazan Rakhmatullin, and Maxim Gorokhovsky won the Moscow Regional Contest—the first qualifying round of the international student world programming championship ICPC 2020/2021. In total, 45 HSE University took part, with 30 of them receiving certificates of various degrees.

Two HSE University Teams to Compete in ICPC Finals

Students from both HSE Moscow and HSE St. Petersburg have made it to the finals of the ICPC-2020 World Programming Championship. They were among the best teams at the semi-finals stage of the championship, which took place last weekend in St. Petersburg.