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HSE Launches ‘Bachelor+’ Continuing Education Project

HSE Launches ‘Bachelor+’ Continuing Education Project

Starting from the next academic year, Bachelor’s students at HSE will have the opportunity to include the courses of a specially designed continuing education project in their curriculum. Those who choose these courses will have additional advantages on the labour market.

The project’s main concept and its advantages are described in the following Q&A section.

What is the Bachelor+ Project?

The "Bachelor+" project foresees that, in addition to studying their main programme, students can acquire additional knowledge and skills. In September, new programmes in foreign languages are being launched, along with courses on soft skills (e.g., self-presentation and persuasive communication, time management, etc.), programming languages and financial databases, entrepreneurship, fundamentals of law, fundamentals of project management, etc., will be added.

You may select the programme level and its duration: there will be semester programmes (72 academic hours), which can be transferred into one-year programmes (152 hours). Having finished one module, you can go on to the next level. Classes will be held once or twice a week. Students’ schedules and respective curriculum will be taken into account while forming groups.

Are these programmes only intended for first-year students enrolled at HSE in 2017? Can senior students take part in the programmes?

These programmes are for everyone. Nonetheless, we advise that prospective students pay particular attention to this innovation: it is useful to know about all of the opportunities during the admission process.

What programmes are open for study from September?

We will be offering four languages — Spanish, Italian, German and French. There are four levels within each language programme (from elementary to more advanced).

Furthermore, we believe that this programme would be especially useful for those who have already studied a foreign language and wish to improve their knowledge. If you plan to start learning any language from scratch, it is important to assess your potential.

There are great international opportunities at HSE, including student exchange programmes, participation in winter and summer schools in both Russia and abroad, and getting to know a second language.

Who will teach these languages?

HSE lecturers will be teaching the courses.

If I have any problems studying a language as part of my Bachelor’s programme, can I choose it as an additional course under this programme?

Yes, you may take a course at a lower level in order to improve your knowledge.

Are these fee-paying programmes?

Yes, BA+ programmes are fee-paying, as this is continuing education, but there will be special prices for HSE students. This lower than the standard price for students from other universities.

Will any kind of an official document be issued upon completion of the programme?

Yes, it will. However, due to the fact that this is continuing professional education, a standard document may only be issued if a participant has higher education. So, while you are studying in your Bachelor’s programme, after completing the courses, you shall receive course certificates. Furthermore, after you receive your Bachelor's degree, you will receive your continuing education certificates.

In addition, the results of the programmes of continuing education can be included in your diploma supplement.

I’m applying to HSE, and I heard that studying there can be difficult. Is it possible for me to take these additional courses later, when I am sure that I can cope with my main programme?

Yes, you may take part in this programme anytime.

You may also decide against taking any additional courses; no one will make you choose them. Remember, this is continuing education and, therefore, it’s an additional option.

If I take the programme during my first year at HSE, will I have to take new courses each year?

No, you won’t. You can finish one course, take a break, and then, after some time, continue your studies.

How many courses can (or should) I take?

You can take as many courses as you like, relying on common sense and your needs. There is no mandatory minimum or maximum number of courses.

What makes these courses different from minors?

Minor courses are mandatory and their curricula are extensive. Their capacity is limited as well. There are no limits in regards to ‘Bachelor+’ courses.

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People have already submitted their applications to Master’s and Bachelor’s programmes at HSE University. So far, students from 113 countries have expressed their interest in studying at HSE University. For the 2019/2020 academic year, HSE University is offering 10 Bachelor’s programmes and 31 Master’s programmes taught entirely in English. The strongest applicants will be eligible for full or partial scholarships. For Master’s programmes, applications will be evaluated on the strength of the portfolios that can be submitted online via an applicant’s personal account on HSE University’s website.

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