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Sunday, February 18

Mini-course: Advanced statistical methods. Vladimir Spokoiny (HSE, Russia/Weierstrass Institute, Germany)

Monday, February 19

Mini-course: Advanced statistical methods. Vladimir Spokoiny (HSE, Russia/Weierstrass Institute, Germany)


Neuropsylab NUG seminar on 'fMRI meta-analyses II of II'

Erasmus at Its Very Best: HSE and King’s College London Launch an Erasmus+ Exchange Programme

The Higher School of Economics (HSE) and King’s College London, United Kingdom, are pleased to announce a new Erasmus+ academic exchange and mobility programme for students, researchers and staff for the 2016/17 academic year.

HSE Perm Students Second Runners-up at International Case Championship

The team ‘Red Horses’ took the third place at Unilever Future Leaders’ League, the 4th international case competition that was held in London.

Mobility Opens up New Prospects for Employees

Labour mobility — a term used to describe the movement of workers within the labour market — can be further categorised as internal mobility, i.e. promotion or demotion within the same company, and external mobility, i.e. changing employers. Rostislav Kapeliushnikov presented the study's findings in the report 'The Pathways We Choose: Intra- and Interfirm Transitions' at a joint seminar of the HSE Centre for Labour Market Studies and the Laboratory for Labour Market Studies.

Transformative Action Learning to be Featured at April Conference

Transformative action learning is a method widely used to equip leaders for the challenges they encounter in their organizations. In an upcoming honorary lecture and workshop as part of the XVII April Conference Robert Kramer, International Chair of Public Leadership at the National University of Public Service (Budapest, Hungary), will introduce audiences to the method. As he prepares to travel to Moscow for this year’s April Conference, Dr Kramer shared a brief overview of what makes his method unique, and talked about his plans to set aside time to shop for rare first editions in Moscow’s bookstores.