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Monday, October 19

Online International Workshop 'LSA Autumn Meeting 2020'


Tuesday, October 20

Illustration for news: ‘Reading’ with Aphasia Is Easier than ‘Running’

‘Reading’ with Aphasia Is Easier than ‘Running’

Neurolinguists from HSE University have confirmed experimentally that for people with aphasia, it is easier to retrieve verbs describing situations with several participants (such as ‘someone is doing something’), although such verbs give rise to more grammar difficulties. The results of the study have been published in Aphasiology.

Illustration for news: Young HSE University Researchers Win Moscow Government Award

Young HSE University Researchers Win Moscow Government Award

This prize is annually awarded to doctoral students, researchers and professionals from Moscow-based institutions, as well as people with Candidate or Doctor of Sciences degrees. Researchers from HSE University won competition for the third year in a row and will be recognized at ceremony slated to take place on February 7 at the Kremlin Palace.