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Monday, October 19

Online International Workshop 'LSA Autumn Meeting 2020'


Tuesday, October 20

Illustration for news: A Journey of a Thousand Miles

A Journey of a Thousand Miles

Ruoqi Cao, from Harbin, China, graduated from HSE University’s Masters’ programme in International Business. She is now working on her PhD at the HSE Institute of Education, where her research focuses on the influence of higher education on the economics of the regions in Russia and China. She has shared with HSE News Service her story of coming to study and work in Russia.

Illustration for news: Three to Ten: Why Families Choose to Have More Children, More Often

Three to Ten: Why Families Choose to Have More Children, More Often

More than 500 large families in three Russian federal districts were surveyed to explore reasons why couples choose to have many children. Five main patterns were identified, driven by values (partner trust and religious beliefs), socioeconomic circumstances (income and education), and availability of support from extended family and friends.

Illustration for news: New Recording Studio Opens at HSE University

New Recording Studio Opens at HSE University

The digitalization of education would be impossible without the introduction of new technologies. FBM’s modern video studio—based on Jalinga software that Russian specialists created for distance learning—enables teachers and students to record lectures and transmit online broadcasts unassisted.