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Thursday, September 24

'Post-Socialist and Comparative Memory Studies' Conference: Call for Papers

Deadline for submissions: January 15, 2020 


CInSt research seminar 'Arithmetics of Research Specialization'

Illustration for news: HSE to Launch a Satellite into Space

HSE to Launch a Satellite into Space

By the end of 2020, HSE scientists will launch their own satellite into low Earth orbit, which will allow them to observe the Earth via the satellite’s remote sensors. To design and create the satellite, specialists and students of MIEM HSE and the HSE Lyceum worked closely with the Sputniks company, the Sirius Education Centre, and Scanex.

Illustration for news: 'You Can Only Create a Successful Business Based on Good Research'

'You Can Only Create a Successful Business Based on Good Research'

When Roman Stupin decided to go back to school after a decade of teaching and working with innovative startups, he chose HSE. That path started with continuing education programmes, then a Master’s degree and now postgraduate studies. 'I can't deny myself the pleasure of studying,' Mr Stupin admits. Here, he tells Success Builder how robotics can change education, what occupies specialists in Russian think tanks and why it’s time to replace government officials with algorithms.

Illustration for news: HSE and Coursera to Host International eSTARS Conference

HSE and Coursera to Host International eSTARS Conference

In December 2020, the HSE eLearning Office, together with the global online platform Coursera, will host the eSTARS International eLearning Conference.