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News, January 26, 2021

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Sep 15 – Sep 17

IX International Conference 'Modern Econometric Tools and Applications – META2022'

Oct 2 – Oct 3

'Beyond Moscow. Rethinking the International and Transnational Dimensions of the Soviet Republics' Call for Papers. Deadline for proposal submission: January 31, 2022

Deadline for proposal submission: January 31, 2022 

Oct 6 – Oct 7

International conference 'World War II on Trial: The Prosecution of War Criminals and Collaborators in the USSR'

Submission deadline - October 15, 2021 

Oct 6 – Oct 8

International Conference 'Subject and Responsibility: Nature, Society, and Culture'

Oct 21

International Conference 'The Evolution of Family and Inheritance Law'

Illustration for news: ‘It Is Important for Me to Hear the News First; It Makes Me Happy’

‘It Is Important for Me to Hear the News First; It Makes Me Happy’

Light is a perfect medium according to Marshall McLuhan, who was the first to seek a deeper understanding of electronic communications. Modern media, however, have become the means not only for conveying facts but also for managing meanings — which is why the current agenda is shaped, to some extent, by the media. Dmitry Elovsky, Deputy Chief Editor at Dozhd TV and graduate of the Applied Politics programme at HSE, told Success Builder about the media’s strength as the so-called ‘fourth estate,’ how journalism is taught in the West, why working in Russian media is the province of the young and why the risk of ‘burnout’ is so great in this country.

Illustration for news: Survey Shows Russian University Teachers Have Overcome Fears of Digitalization

Survey Shows Russian University Teachers Have Overcome Fears of Digitalization

The majority of Russian university teachers were prepared for the emergency and online teaching during the coronavirus pandemic and lockdown period. However, they consider remote teaching more time-consuming and less convenient than face-to-face instruction. This is evidenced by a recent survey of the HSE Centre for Institutional Research.

Illustration for news: HSE University and Skyeng Start Exploring Online Education Together

HSE University and Skyeng Start Exploring Online Education Together

The HSE Institute of Education has opened a Joint Department with Skyeng to create faster and more effective tools in online education, research, and specialist training in the field of educational technology.

Illustration for news: ‘How to Teach New Generations of Students?’

‘How to Teach New Generations of Students?’

The final lecture in the course ‘Teach4HSE: Seven Key Principles of Teaching Excellence’ was delivered by Prof. Vadim Radaev, First Vice Rector of HSE University. His talk about modern problems in teaching and their potential solutions was available to anyone interested. This open talk was held online via YouTube and Zoom, with over 400 teachers from different HSE campuses, as well as representatives of other universities, attending the event.