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News, June 04, 2021

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Sep 1 – Sep 3

International Conference 'Computer Methods on Cognitome Analysis'

Sep 15 – Sep 17

IX International Conference 'Modern Econometric Tools and Applications – META2022'

Oct 2 – Oct 3

'Beyond Moscow. Rethinking the International and Transnational Dimensions of the Soviet Republics' Call for Papers. Deadline for proposal submission: January 31, 2022

Deadline for proposal submission: January 31, 2022 

Oct 6 – Oct 7

International conference 'World War II on Trial: The Prosecution of War Criminals and Collaborators in the USSR'

Submission deadline - October 15, 2021 

Oct 6 – Oct 8

International Conference 'Subject and Responsibility: Nature, Society, and Culture'

Illustration for news: ‘HSE University Is the Perfect University for International Students’

‘HSE University Is the Perfect University for International Students’

The Department of Innovation Management at HSE University offers programmes in R&D and innovation management in companies, innovation infrastructure organisations, research and educational institutions. The department’s programmes attract not only Russian students, but also international applicants. For example, in 2020, Stefan Amaximoaie from Romania and Sharif Khlal from Syria graduated from the ‘Corporate Research, Development and Innovation Management’ Master’s programme and, following their graduation, decided to stay in Russia. They told the News Service about enrolling at HSE University and studying here.

Illustration for news: HSE University and Garage Museum Wrap Up Joint Diversity Research Lab

HSE University and Garage Museum Wrap Up Joint Diversity Research Lab

On June 2, the HSE International Laboratory for Social Interaction Research and the Garage Museum of Contemporary Art successfully completed their joint Diversity Research Lab. The laboratory covered a number of topics related to social diversity, including interculturalism, life in a multinational country, ageism, poverty, and ableism. During the final online meeting of the project, the participants discussed universal design—a design which would allow for the creation of environments accessible to people regardless of their disability, age, or any other factors.

Illustration for news: HSE Graduate School of Business Student Teams Win Flourish Prize 2021

HSE Graduate School of Business Student Teams Win Flourish Prize 2021

In the contest organized by AIM2Flourish, students from various countries tell stories about companies that promote the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals. HSE students won in the global goals of ‘Quality Education’ and ‘Partnerships for the Goals’ with cases of Kaspersky and VimpelCom PJSC (Beeline brand), respectively. They have become the first Russian representatives to earn these prestigious awards.