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Monday, October 2

Tuesday, October 3

Illustration for news: American Students Delve into Russian Language, Culture, and History

American Students Delve into Russian Language, Culture, and History

On February 1, a group of American students started their short-term on-campus study programme at HSE University. During three months, the students will take courses in post-Soviet Russian history, contemporary Russian domestic and foreign policy, social anthropology, and a practical course of Russian as a Foreign Language.

Illustration for news: Returning to Life: How to Help 'Troubled' Teens Get a Fresh Start and Integrate into Society

Returning to Life: How to Help 'Troubled' Teens Get a Fresh Start and Integrate into Society

Some children who don’t go to school and commit crimes manage to reintegrate into society by learning new mores and lifestyles. But others only appear to adapt, becoming ‘outsiders’ again the minute they leave the school grounds, going back to the same risky life on the streets. The two approaches offer youngsters very different opportunities in life. This IQ.HSE article, that draws on research by sociologist Irina Lisovskaya, explores how to help such youth integrate into society and learn to communicate with others.

Illustration for news: Researchers Explain What Makes People Pro-Environmental

Researchers Explain What Makes People Pro-Environmental

The HSE School of Psychology has studied the psychological, social, and political factors behind Russians’ pro-environmental behaviour. It appears that women hold more pro-environmental attitudes than men, trust in the free market negatively affects sustainable consumption, and awareness of the benefits of pro-environmental actions better motivates people to sort waste than environmental concern or connectedness to nature. The study has been published by SSRN.