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Illustration for news: HSE University Takes Part in VK Fest

HSE University Takes Part in VK Fest

How can ‘Polina’ help you steer a yacht? Should we demonise plastic? Why does game development have nine circles of hell? What happens when we move our eyes while reading? Answers to all these questions could be found in the ‘Intellect’ space organised by HSE University at VK FEST, where it was the only university to take part in the festival in Moscow.

Illustration for news: ICEF Graduates Celebrated at HSE Cultural Centre

ICEF Graduates Celebrated at HSE Cultural Centre

The class of 2022 faced the difficulties of the pandemic, moving to the new campus in Pokrovka, and completing their studies in a difficult geopolitical climate. This year's graduation ceremony was held at HSE University itself, allowing the graduates to celebrate their achievements together with their families, whose support was praised by HSE Rector, Nikita Anisimov, as well as hear praise from other members of the HSE management team.

Illustration for news: More than 10,000 HSE Students Pass Digital Skills Exam

More than 10,000 HSE Students Pass Digital Skills Exam

This year, for the first time, all first-year students took independent exams as part of the university-wide Data Culture project. These exams checked the level of digital literacy, algorithmic thinking and programming, as well as data analysis and artificial intelligence skills. HSE students and Head of the Data Culture project Olga Podolskaya spoke about the exams and preparation process.

Illustration for news: Card Index: Joint Attention

Card Index: Joint Attention

As a rule, people look immediately and automatically in the same direction when their companion or someone nearby suddenly turns their attention. And it seems rather obvious. In fact, joint attention is an ability that helps people in many areas, such as communication, collaborative activities, etc. But sometimes a person can be deprived of it. We analyse this phenomenon — what is joint visual attention, cases in which this mental function can be disrupted, and what remains a mystery for scientists — in IQ Card Index with the help of HSE researchers Tatiana Shevel and Maria Falikman.

Illustration for news: Applied Projects and Deep Fakes: How Computer Vision Is Taught at HSE University

Applied Projects and Deep Fakes: How Computer Vision Is Taught at HSE University

Applications for the HSE University Master of Computer Vision, the only English-language online computer vision programme in Russia, are open until August 10. The programme has been developed by researchers of the Faculty of Informatics, Mathematics, and Computer Science at HSE University in Nizhny Novgorod together with researchers in the field of computer vision from leading companies in the industry: Huawei, Itseez3D, Intel, Harman, Xperience.ai, Sber, Newstream and Deelvin Solutions. Andrey Savchenko, Academic Supervisor of the programme and Professor at the Department of Information Systems and Technologies, told the HSE News Service about how teaching competencies in the field of computer vision changes our view of the world.

Illustration for news: HSE Researchers Develop New Method for Analysing Genetic Admixture of Populations

HSE Researchers Develop New Method for Analysing Genetic Admixture of Populations

Researchers of the HSE International Laboratory of Statistical and Computational Genomics together with their international colleagues have proposed a new statistical method for analysing population admixture that makes it possible to determine the time and number of migration waves more accurately. The history of Colombians and Mexicans (descendants of Native Americans, Spaniards and Africans) features two episodes of admixture that occurred about 350 and 200 years ago for Mexicans and 400 and 100 years ago for Colombians. The results were published in the Plos Genetics journal.